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Fireworks Extravaganza in Fleetwood

Thursday 5 November is the Fleetwood Firework Extravaganza at Marine Hall Gardens

It might not seem two minutes since Bonfire Night last year, but it's rolling round and planning is underway for a great, big Fleetwood Firework Night this year!

Fleetwood Firework Extravaganza

Thursday 5th November at the Marine Hall Gardens.

  • Gates open at 5.30pm
  • Live music from 6pm, with local artists and The Jeps
  • Fireworks from 7.30pm

Food and drink available

FREE event but donations requested

No alcohol, personal fireworks or sparklers permitted

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A Great Night out!

Plan for a night of fabulous entertainment with a great big firework display and live music and a great night out for all the family.

This annual event has been organised by a multi agency team with representatives from Fleetwood Town Council, Fleetwood Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Fleetwood Police, Wyre Borough Council, Regenda Group, and The Rotary Club of Fleetwood, to ensure that Fleetwood people can enjoy a magnificent and safe Fireworks Night. 

Please come and join us, celebrate safely and enjoy the music of our talented young people.

Fleetwood, this is for you - thank you for supporting the Firework Extravaganza!

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service Fire Safety Manager, Lee Munday said, “This is a magnificent event that provides a safe, family friendly, environment for all to enjoy a spectacular evening. Now in its 6th year and continuing to grow, the event has significantly reduced Bonfires in private gardens, with the added benefit of a safer community and reduced emergency call outs”.

Sgt. Danny Whittaker of Fleetwood Police said, “One of the objectives of this event is to reduce incidents of anti social behaviour associated with 5th November, and to provide a safe environment for families to enjoy great entertainment and a spectacular firework display. We fully support this event. ”

Chair of Fleetwood Town Council, Councillor Terry Rogers said, “The Town Council wants to encourage and enable Fleetwood community engagement activities. This firework display and entertainment, that some 8,000 people attended last year, is an excellent example of this work. On behalf of the Council I would like to thank all the organisations and individuals involved in this event for their dedicated efforts”.

Please note:
An approved road closure will be in force along The Esplanade from the corner of Carr Road to the junction of Mount Road [Bold street end] from 4pm to 9pm on Wednesday 5th November 2014.

This will apply to the roadside parking on The Esplanade. Any vehicles already parked there after 4pm will be unable to move until 9pm. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause along The Esplanade for the local residents and the wider community.

Fleetwood Fireworks Extravaganza 2015Fleetwood Fireworks Extravaganza 2015


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