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Come and take a look at notable structures in Fleetwood, past and present!

Fleetwood has a long and varied past with lots of historic buildings still standing and with all their stories to share.

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In a town first laid out by Decimus Burton, there are plenty of places to explore – from the well known North Euston Hotel to the buildings associated with the fishing industry.

Some are more what you’d call a landmark or edifice, not really a building at all – like the monuments to past fishing tragedies and lives lost at sea.

Bit by bit we’ll take a look at, in and around these structures and create an online resource of photos, memories and information for everyone to share and enjoy.

Get involved

What do you know?

We bet that you know quite a lot. Snippets of information, folklore and old wives tales, categoric fact, memories and photos in your family album.

Share it with us and in true ‘Wikki Style’ we’ll create a whole body of evidence for each of these places.

All you need to do is email what you know and your photos to We can give you whatever credit you like – or maybe none at all if you feel shy 🙂



We’ve made lots of new friends in the course of publishing these websites, and got to know lots of really nice people. Like the folks at the Fleetwoods Past Facebook Group – if you like the area and are interested in its past you need to head over there right now!

We don’t get any public funding to publish these websites, so we have to generate advertising revenue. Please support the businesses who support us, and if you do use their products and services please mention that you saw them here.


Live here or visit, we love it

We’re often asked whether these websites are for residents or visitors – the short answer is that if you’re interested it’s for you!



North Euston Hotel

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