Fisherman's Friend

Fisherman's Friend

Fleetwood is home to Fisherman’s Friend, the throat lozenge that’s consumed all around the world.

It started out life as a small medicinal product to clear the tubes of fishermen. Now it’s a sweet that’s exported right around the world.

£30m for Fleetwood from Fisherman’s Friend

Fleetwood has a history of philanthropists who’ve transformed the town. Doreen Lofthouse is certainly one of them.

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And according to a story broke in the Sunday Times on 25 August 2019, she has now pledged a whopping great big £30m to fund community projects in her hometown.

The broadsheet reports “Details of the £30m are shown in accounts for the family’s foundation.

“Part of the money has been bequeathed in the name of Doreen Lofthouse’s late husband Tony, who died at the age of 74 in January last year. The pair served as joint managing directors.”

Doreen Lofthouse and family have set aside the sum for “charitable purposes for the benefit of the people of Fleetwood and its environs”.

Fleetwood Benefactors

Mrs Lofthouse has already provided substantial sums of money for the benefit of the town. She kick-started the transformation of The Mount and Gardens with funding to restore the gardens.

Significant other amounts have been contributed to many other projects over the years. The popular ‘Welcome Home’ statue on The Esplanade was funded by the family.

Welcome Home Statue, funded by Fisherman's Friend
Welcome Home Statue, funded by Fisherman’s Friend

In the 1860’s James Lofthouse came up with the menthol and eucalyptus mixture for fishermen to take to sea. Liquid in a little glass bottle wasn’t very practical, hence the development of the lozenge.

Now 89, Mrs Lofthouse married into the family, and she’s the one who famously transformed the small Fleetwood business into the worldwide household name that it is today.

The humble little lozenge is exported into more than 100 countries worldwide, from a factory in Fleetwood employing around 400 people. Sales last year reached £55.8m.

Well done Mrs Lofthouse x

Famous Fleetwood Faces

The people of Fleetwood are a tight knit community. Locals passionately defend their home town. So it was no surprise to see another Fleetwood born and bred star promoting the Fisherman’s Friend name.

Alfie Boe’s family still live in Fleetwood and he often comes home to visit them. His commercial for the famous lozenge is sure to raise a smile!

Alfie Boe Commercial for Fisherman's Friend

The next clip is even more interesting. In it, Alfie talks about making the commercial and shows you around inside the factory –

Behind the scenes of the Alfie Boe advert for Fisherman's Friend

And finally, for good measure, here’s a clip from Discovery channels ‘How do they Do It’. (Starts 30s into the clip)

How do they do it - how to make Fisherman's Friends

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  1. Avatar

    Doreen loft house is I think the only person who constantly supports the town of fleetwood . It is wonderful and I hope she is aware that she is appreciated

  2. Avatar

    What a wonderful gesture from Mrs Lofthouse. In such times of greed and avarice it’s so refreshing to read of such a generous action. Proof positive that there are STILL good people around. God Bless her.

  3. Avatar

    Doreen Lofthouse is an exceptional lady. Together with that hard commercial edge that made the Fishermans Friend company universally successful is a heart of gold – and a love of the town of Fleetwood.

    I have heard many stories of where Doreen supported organisations – and people – but without the clamour of headlines or publicity. The help given through the Rotary Club would be prime examples.

    This latest pledge is an unbelievable vote of confidence for the small port of Fleetwood.

    She is a diamond and the most remarkable lady I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

  4. Avatar

    what a truly amazing amazing lady Doreen is she has been so generous to our town for many years words cannot describe how grateful we should all be for her generosity thankyou so much Doreen god bless you.

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