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 Fleetwood Chamber

Tram Sunday, organised by the Chamber
Tram Sunday, organised by the Chamber

Fleetwood market
Fleetwood market

Town centre
Fleetwood Town Centre

The Officers of Fleetwood Chamber for 2012/13 are:

Derek Eaton, Lighthouse Stationery

Vice Chair and Social Secretary
Mike Sanderson, Mike Sanderson Electricals

Shaun Hartley, Hartley Marketing Services.

Treasurer and Financial/Accountancy Advisor
Jones Harris Chartered Accountants

Membership Secretary
Robert Brown, Fleetwood Market

Parliamentary Representative
Eric Ollerenshaw MP

Town Council Representative
David C. Shaw, Strawberry Gardens

Members of Fleetwood Chamber of Trade and Commerce

Granada Fish Bar & Restaurant
5 North Albert Street, FY7 6AA, tel 01253 876267

Doggy Furdoos
19 Lord Street, FY7 6DX, tel 01253 274838

Co-op Funerals
135 Poulton Road, FY7 7AP, tel 01253 772111

Mansell School of Motoring
Tel 07866 442961

Addies Solicitors
58-62 Adelaide Street, FY7 6EE, tel 01253 772128

32 Rowntree Avenue, FY7 7HE, 0800 970 7687

Jones Harris Ltd
17 St Peter's Place, FY7 6EB, tel 01253 874255

The Dog Shop and Cats Too
3 Poulton Street, FY7 6LP, tel 01253 777307

Market Pet Supplies
Fleetwood Market, FY7 6AB, tel 07946 537950

RS Studio
2 Poulton Street, FY7 6LP, tel 01253 873257

Home Bakery
12 North Albert Street, FY7 6AA, tel 01253 876422

Cafe 316
208 Lord Street, FY7 6SW

Stationery 4 Less
93 Lord Street, FY7 6JZ, tel 01253 779944

Mike Sanderson Electrics
191 Lord Street, FY7 6SW, tel 01253 875955

Bob Boal (Honorary Member)

Fleetwood Market, Julian Brent (Wyre Council)
FY7 6AB, tel 01253 887651

Brookes Cycles
8 North Albert Street, FY7 6AA, tel 01253 872169

Fleetwood Civic Society

Lighthouse Stationery
66 North Albert Street, FY7 6AR, tel 01253 773992

Fleetwood Freeport
Anchorage Road, FY7 6AE, tel 01253 877377

Fleetwood Museum Trust
6-7 Queens Terrace, FY7 6BT, tel 01253 876621

Hartley Marketing
13 Coniston Avenue, FY7 7LD, tel 07538 044480

The Strawberry Gardens
Poulton Road, FY7 6TF, tel 01253 771991

The North Euston Hotel
The Esplanade, FY7 6BN, tel 01253 876525



Fleetwood Chamber of Trade & Commerce

Fleetwood Chamber of Trade and Commerce serves to provide a voice for businesses in Fleetwood, and where possible to improve trade by working together to organise events and effect improvements to the area and its economy.

Fleetwood Chamber of Trade was reformed in 2009 and founded by Cllr Mike Sanderson, after an absence of a Chamber in the town for the previous ten years.  

Along with colleagues, it was felt that if Fleetwood business was to be taken seriously it had to be headed up by a credible organisation which could represent the area as a whole.

Its purpose is to give a voice to local traders and commerce. It’s a group through which individual Business’s have a collective strength to change things, with an overall aim of promoting trade in Fleetwood and working with local organisations and councils to stimulate the economy and improve prospects for the town.

Fleetwood Chamber of Trade & Commerce (FCTC) shares information with members to help them to succeed in business – with access to information about accounting policies, health & safety, taxation, marketing, legal requirements and company law, plus providing representation at local and national Government levels.

Meetings are held each month, at a different venue each time, and all members are encouraged to attend. Guests are invited to each meeting to make presentations on current topics which affect the town, and topical subjects are discussed and solutions found to problems.

Jones Harris Chartered Accountants were instrumental in the revival of the Chamber forming a not-for-profit Community Interest Company for the Fleetwood Festival of Transport – otherwise known as Tram Sunday – which is now owned and controlled by the Chamber.

The Chamber works with Fleetwood Town Council, and also Wyre and Blackpool Councils, Lancashire County Council and other agencies to identify and encourage improvements to the town.

There are representatives within the Chamber from all the local groups, including the Town Council, the Historic Society, Fleetwood Market and the Market Traders Association. Pubs, shops and food outlets,  solicitors, accountants, marketing & business consultants, garages, Freeport Fleetwood,  Fleetwood Town Football Club and more are all involved – representing a full cross section of business within town.

One example of the projects which Fleetwood Chamber have been involved with is the one-way system on North Albert Street, brought about by the arrival of the new trams in the Spring of 2012. A proposal was put forward to create a new one way system to make it safe for the new style of trams to clear what potentially could be a dangerous blind corner, and because any delayed trams could cause potential access issues to the police station and side roads. All groups were concerned that this one way system would compromise their trade, and so a meeting was called by the Chamber with the Rail Regulator, with representatives at the meeting from all the agencies who were involved in the process.

The road is still going to be one way, but the Chamber brokered a solution, which everyone was happy with, which separates the traffic from the trams and is therefore safe, and which circulates traffic around the streets in the area of North Albert Street, without diverting vital passing trade away.

In April 2012, Fleetwood saw the return of the new Bombardier trams, and the Chamber were involved in organising the celebration event to mark the occasion and put Fleetwood back on the map. It’s an important year for Fleetwood and this is just one of the highlights to be marked.

Most importantly of all, Fleetwood Chamber of Trade is a positive membership organisation, which believes that by pulling together with a positive mind, and with partnership working and sharing resources, that special results can be achieved.

You can find out more, including contact details, from the Visit Fleetwood Chamber of Trade page at this link.


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