Esplanade: Marine Hall and Gardens

Esplanade: Marine Hall and Gardens

The Marine Hall at Fleetwood was opened in 1935 as an entertainment venue.

Did you know that the glass domed ceiling was covered over during WW2 to protect it from aerial attack, and that on 25 August 1962 the Beatles played there?


In 2012 the Marine Hall Gardens underwent extensive landscaping, along with external works to the building which included repainting it and repairs.

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Marine Hall Fleetwood

A fantastic water play area was incorporated, with 18 jets programmed to shoot water up at different heights and create a range of effects – a similar principle to the one on Cleveleys promenade against the seafront cafe.

A seating area was created to provide elevated views across the gardens.

The water feature is surrounded by beach-type grasses and new planting. Dotted around the dune-like garden are large pebbles, each one individually designed and inspired by Fleetwood’s strandline.

The water is automatically treated and circulated, ensuring that the quality is maintained and causing minimum water loss.

Marine Hall before refurbishment works
Marine Hall and gardens before recent refurbishment works

Marine Hall Fleetwood

Water feature at Marine Hall GardensWater feature at Marine Hall Gardens

Looking across Marine Hall Gardens to the MountLooking across Marine Hall Gardens to the Mount

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    Are copies of the book “Sea Swallow” still available ?

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      You might be able to get one from the Tourist Information Centre in the Marine Hall.

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