Fleetwood Beach Landmarks

Fleetwood Beach Landmarks

With changing uses over the centuries, there’s a variety of traces of the past along the shore and out in the bay. Have a look at some Fleetwood beach landmarks. Have you got any more to add?

Fleetwood beach is at the bottom of Morecambe Bay. With a wide tidal range and the channel into the River Wyre it’s been an important site for fishing, trade and traffic for many centuries. These activities of our ancestors leave things behind. Interesting glimpses into the past…

If you’ve found something unusual, please email to jane@theRabbitPatch.co.uk We’ll publish them here for you to identify!

Posts at Rossall Point

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These posts were spotted at low water at Rossall Point by the Coastwatch team. One of their guesses is that they’re posts for a walkway out to the old beacon, built in 1766.

Thanks to the folks of Fleetwood for providing the answer through the Visit Fleetwood Facebook page. They’re what were called fenders and between them ran the old (now disused) sewage discharge pipe out to sea. The posts kept the pipe in place.

Posts at Rossall Point. Fleetwood beach landmarks
Posts at Rossall Point. Fleetwood beach landmarks

Post Tops near Rossall School

What are these wooden posts sticking up in the beach in front of Rossall School? They run at a different angle to the groyne at the left. What are they?

Post tops at Rossall School
Post tops on the beach in front of Rossall School

Thanks again to our Facebookers for providing the answer. The posts supported the discharge pipe for the swimming pool at Rossall School. A number of people added posts, remembering the swimming pool at Rossall and the discharge pipe on the beach.

Paul Long, engineer at Wyre Council tells us, “There’s a high concrete wall that forms part of the sea defences just north of the “tank traps” and this was the outside wall of the pool, which was demolished in the mid 1990’s”

Lawrence Houghton says the pipe was cast iron about 9 inches in diameter. He remembers walking and balancing along it many years ago. It was used only for draining the pool which filled with sea water.

Brian Jackson adds “A lot of discharge pipes were laid at an angle to the tide, this stopped back flow of sea water, when in shallow waters. Basic discharge pipes didn’t have back-flow non-return gates. In a tide surge or rough seas you could flood drainage systems inland and homes.”

Ghost of a Swimming Pool

Look carefully next time you walk along the seafront at Rossall School and you’ll see this ghost sign of the swimming pool, painted on the wall. The pool was behind the tall concrete wall between their field and the beach.

Ghost sign of Rossall School swimming pool, one of Fleetwood beach landmarks
Ghost sign of Rossall School swimming pool, another one of Fleetwood beach landmarks

It says “NOTICE. This bath is private property. Trespassing forbidden. No responsibility taken, reliability accepted, for injury or damage arising from …. Corporation Rossall School.” Can you make out the missing words?

What’s this?

In front of Rossall School, there’s a small outbuild built into the sea wall. Do you know what it is or why it was built?

Outbuild in front of Rossall School
Outbuild in front of Rossall School

If you do, please leave a comment below or email your suggestion to jane@theRabbitPatch.co.uk

Wyre Light

This is probably the best known of the Fleetwood beach landmarks, but you still need to know where to look!

Wyre Light is one of Fleetwood’s three lighthouses. They originally worked together to guide ships safely along the channel of the River Wyre.

Wyre Light, seen out in the channel of the River Wyre. Photo taken 6 Feb 2012
Wyre Light, seen out in the channel of the River Wyre. Photo taken 6 Feb 2012

Sadly, the Wyre Light is now the worse for wear. Decades of abuse from storms, high seas, and daily tides have taken their toll and this landmark is now leaning quite badly. You can still see it though, some distance from shore, out in the bay.

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