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The Mount Pavilion FleetwoodThe Mount at Fleetwood - the webcam is just at the left of the Mount Pavilion.

Location of The Mount at FleetwoodLocation of The Mount at Fleetwood 
- at the red star

WEBCAM - Live from The Mount

Watch the views fresh from Fleetwood promenade and seafront with Webcam - Live from The Mount

Thanks to funding from Fleetwood Town Council, you can watch this webcam - live from The Mount

The webcam view comes to your computer live from the top of The Mount, on Fleetwood seafront at The Esplanade. 

Enjoy the panoramic view and check out the weather.

Live Webcam

This webcam rotates from left to right and refreshes to stream live views across Fleetwood promenade, seafront, Marine Hall and Gardens. It also catches the spectacular view across Morecambe Bay.

Find out more about Fleetwood Town Council here

Watch webcam - live from The Mount, thanks to Fleetwood Town Council

Fleetwood Town Council are showcasing the wonderful seafront to visitors and tourists with this live webcam which they installed at The Mount.

Webcams are very popular at many seaside locations, useful for getting a feel for a place and checking the weather. It's used by residents and visitors who log on to check out the view.

The Town Council funded the installation of a state-of-the-art camera in Fleetwood’s prime seafront position.

High on The Mount it delivers superb seafront views, showcasing the Marine Hall and gardens, the leisure complex, views over the promenade and out into Morecambe Bay.

The live images stream into their own website where you can find out more about the Town Council itself. It refreshes and changes position from left to right every few seconds.

You can also find the views here on the Visit Fleetwood website, where we'll be directing our readers and promoting Fleetwood as the wonderful place to visit which it is.

Cllr Terry Rogers, Chair of Fleetwood Town Council said “Here at the Town Council we get involved with and provide funding towards many different projects which improve facilities for local people and which attract visitors to Fleetwood.

"In turn that attracts business, investment and prosperity. This webcam is a perfect tool for giving the world a window into Fleetwood. When people can see how nice it is from their armchair at home, why wouldn’t they want to visit?”

At Visit Fleetwood we added to that “We’re fully paid up members of the ‘I love Fleetwood Club’ as anyone who reads Visit will know!

"We tirelessly work to showcase what a fabulous place it is – to the 330,000 residents of the wider Fylde Coast and much further beyond. So access to this webcam is a brilliant way to reinforce the message that Fleetwood is a great place to visit. We’re really pleased to be able to work with the Town Council to achieve that.”

Fleetwood Town Council website

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Fleetwood Town Council


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