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About the Visit Fleetwood website

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Welcome to ‘Visit Fleetwood’ - Online, On Social and on Email News.

Visit Fleetwood is part of 'Visit Fylde Coast'. It's a digital product which combines websites, social media and email news to share with you what's happening and what's great about this superb bit of coastline in the northwest of England.

We cover Cleveleys, Poulton and Fleetwood in the north, life in Blackpool in the centre, and St Annes and Lytham in the south.

You’ll find information about the geographical places themselves, including pages about the place and its features, plus what’s happening in the local community. 

The Visit Fylde Coast site is the one that hangs everything together.

It’s not that far from one end of the Fylde Coast to the other so the 330,000 people who are lucky enough to live here can enjoy everything that’s on offer.

We don't see boundaries in real life, so these sites are all linked together to enable you to easily see what’s going on all across the patch.

These sites were conceived, created, published and delivered by The Rabbit Patch, a family business based at Cleveleys.

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Our mission is:

To share the wonders of this coast through a series of positive and enthusiastic sites, with all the other like minded people out there.



How to Contribute

We will publish information, news, stories, requests etc for community groups free of charge. 

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Unfortunately, business content must be paid for.


This product is funded by advertising revenue, but we try to make business news interesting and worthwhile where we can. 

It takes an enormous effort to publish the Visit Fylde Coast product and the support of advertisers is crucial to its continuation and future development.

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We are independently owned and we aim to publish these sites in an ethical and fair way. Therefore, we will avoid representing any company which is known to be dodgy or offer poor value, and accommodation providers advertising with us will be quality rated in line with national tourism promotion strategy.

More than anything, these sites are created for you to share, enjoy and contribute to. Please join in - send us your photos, comments, news, stories - get in touch in any way that you prefer.

We’ve got lots of ideas of our own, but yours are even more important to us.

You can email your thoughts, photos and comments to


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