Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival is still rumbling on, as the entries get new lives after this years competition ends!


Find out about this years event here

Back in 2014… Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival… We have a dream!

In 2014, for the first time people in businesses and organisations in Fleetwood decided to try a new event to encourage people to come to Fleetwood town centre – and so the Scarecrow Festival was born. 

The vision was that people will travel from far and wide to see the fantastic creations and it would be a great way of encouraging people to visit fantastic Fleetwood – like Scarecrow Festivals are in other villages throughout the UK.

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Moreover it’s a cheap way of creating something interesting that everyone can join in with putting on, and everyone can then enjoy looking at. Another great community project!

Anyone in Fleetwood can join in – just GET STUFFING!

Shops, schools and businesses are invited to join in, put a scarecrow in your garden or front window – so that everyone in the whole town is united in the simple act of stuffing!

In the first year word quickly got around and the organising team worked hard to kick start the campaign.

Shaun MacNeill was the original driving force behind the project, and members of Fleetwood Rotary volunteered to keep in touch with participants and help them through the first year.

There isn’t a formal committee – but the original coordinating group is made up of James Parr and Sophie from Farmer Parr’s, Robert Brown, Emma Anderton (WBC/lights committee, etc), Gordon Oates, Danny O’Neil, Sandra Foulkes, Carol Pilling (Rotary) and Shaun MacNeill – with others joining in as and when.

Top Scarecrow Making Tips!

A few top tips from the Blackpool Civic Trust – they have learned a fair bit about Scarecrows over the years. They used to organise a big scarecrow event in Salisbury Woodlands, and when it finished they kindly donated their scarecrows to the Fleetwood event. 

Betty’s Top Tips are as follows:-
Start off with a wooden cross (+) frame first of all. This will give your creation real backbone!
Find old clothes for free or go to a charity shop.
If you plan to stuff with newspaper – do this by stuffing the paper into plastic bags first – so that your Scarecrow is more weatherproof.
Think of a theme, person or joke to base your scarecrow around.
Think of props to bring your scarecrow to life.
Think of where you are going to put your scarecrow carefully – as it will need attaching to something solid/supportive.
The Scarecrows of Fleetwood will need to withstand the elements for about 2 weeks – so keep this in mind.
You can save the frame and other bits for following years.
The internet is full of tips and images to inspire you too!

Find out More

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival Facebook page 

Visit Fleetwood Facebook page

Free to Enter

There’s no cost to particpating and the only limit is your imagination!

You might want to go for a traditional English country scarecrow complete with a gingham hankie, or maybe yours will pay homage to someone who you know, or the shop where you work – have a brainstorming session with your colleagues and see what you can come up with!

All comers welcome

Most of the business entries are on Lord Street, North Albert Street and Poulton Street/Road but others have joined in as well – the furthest flung is the Post Office on Chatsworth. It doesn’t matter where your shop or business is – if you want to take part then please do!

The scarecrow competition runs in the weeks up to Tram Sunday.

Cleveleys Writers entered the first Fleetwood Scarecrow competition in August.

Their entry was William Shakespeare and you would have spotted him in the most appropriate of places, in Fleetwood Library. After the library had finished the display, the Group offered it to Shakespeare School at Fleetwood and now he stands in reception where he welcomes pupils each day as the newest recruit to be enrolled for the 2014 school year!

Cleveleys Writers entry into Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival

Lorraine Verity was the member of Cleveleys Writers who undertook the challenge on behalf of the Group to design and hand stitch Williams clothes before he went on display in the library, where he was admired by many.

Cleveleys Writers hope that under the tutorship of the Susan Barlett and the staff at Shakespeare Primary, some of the pupils will aspire to academic achievements – inspired by their mentor William Shakespeare and a scarecrow.

Cleveleys Writers is a small friendly group of writers of all abilities so come along to our friendly group, we meet every second and fourth Tuesday at 1.30pm. in the Park Club Lounge (adjacent to the Masonic Hall) on West Drive in Cleveleys.

When you go down to Fleetwood this summer, you’ll be in for a big surprise! (July 2014)

Because on roundabouts and buildings, peeping out from shop doorways, and behind displays in windows, you can see scarecrows of all shapes and sizes, as the Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival becomes a reality and begins its first year!

From 7th to 20th July there are scarecrows displayed all over Fleetwood!

Everyone is getting into the spirit, and you’ll see scarecrows displayed all over – in shops, businesses and schools!

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival 2014

The fabulous folk of Fleetwood have gone to town and scores of local businesses, schools & groups have ‘Got Stuffing’ and well over 100 scarecrows are to be found on display around the town centre for the next two weeks prior to Tram Sunday on 20th July.

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival 2014

All you have to do is fly on down to Fleetwood and have a wander around. You’re in for a big surprise. It’s as simple as that!

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival 2014

The organisers are hoping it will evolve into a big annual event and get bigger year after year. It’s got off to a flying start this year – so it’s looking good for the future.

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival 2014
Thanks to Jeff Eker for these photos

The folk of Fleetwood have really been ex-STRAW-dinary!

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival 2014

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival

Farmer Parr's ScarecrowLook at the monster that’s under construction at Farmer Parr’s! You can see Tony stood at its side to get an idea of scale. Where will they find clothes to fit him? They’ll have to get sewing!

Punk scarecrowPunk scarecrow!

ScarecrowWhy don’t you make a scarecrow?

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    Fleetwood hospital pharos street would like to take part in the competition thanks Julie

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      Hi Julie, I haven’t heard anything yet about this years event, but you’d need to contact the organisers directly. Thanks!

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