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Shop, Shop, Shop..

You can hear them shopping...Chrissie's been on a busmans holiday in the sunshine!

We decided to play hooky on Friday afternoon as the sun was shining, after all, none of us know how long it will last, so being as we work hard the rest of the week, we got washed up and tidied up after lunch and went to Blackpool. Maybe not very exciting to some people, but a treat for us as we don’t get much chance to go out mid week and Jane was getting an itch she needed to scratch called retail therapy! It was surprisingly quiet in the shops, we made M&S our first port of call as we needed some shopping as we didn’t go to Asda, that done and out of the way, we set off to do the deed.

Chrissies Blog: Mascot Games in Blackpool St John's Square
Chrissies Blog: Mascot Games in Blackpool St John's Square

Kevin didn’t come as he doesn’t like shopping and begged to be left at home, so us three set off to have a look around. Derek did his usual thing and went off looking for scenes to photograph for the Visit sites and as it happened there was the Mascot games going off in St Johns Square, so he spent time photographing them while we rummaged among the sales stuff.

Chrissies Blog: Mascot Games in Blackpool St John's Square

Chrissies Blog: Mascot Games in Blackpool St John's Square

The only trouble was, I nearly fell into the clothes racks as another attack of vertigo overtook me, I really will have to lay off the drink, (only kidding, the nearest I get to drink is Rescue Remedy), so with Jane stabilising me like a ship that had lost its ballast, I had a sit down while she rummaged about in the rails of sales clothes. They were so high up I couldn’t have reached them but looking up was impossible as it made me even more dizzy, goodness knows why everything is so high up all the time, I can’t go shopping in the supermarket without asking Jane to reach things from high shelves, as do other people, we’re always getting asked to reach things by small people like me.

Does anyone ever clean them?

Gradually my equilibrium was restored so off we went to BHS to see what they had to offer, not much as it turned out, so empty handed we toddled off on our journey. We needed to call at the cash till outside WHS and if I’d known I would have taken my windolene as the glass on the ATM was filthy and full of watery smears that looked like somebody had thrown up down it. I could barely see what I was doing but at least I suppose I was giving somebody a laugh as I bobbed up and down squinting this way and that while trying to read the words and figures through the filth. I wonder if anybody does clean them ever, as I’ve never seen one as filthy as that was!

Chrissies Blog: Dancing Power Ranger
Chrissies Blog: Dancing Power Ranger

We had well and truly lost Derek by this time as he wandered off in search of people and places to photograph so with the help of a mobile phone we eventually tracked him down to somewhere far flung. Still he was happy in his own little camera world and we knew we would catch up with him in TK Maxx as he likes a look round in there. By this time, my aches and pains were well and truly revving up as well as being off balance so I slumped down in the shoe department on one of their red stools. It would have been nice if somebody had brought me a cup of tea but no such luck, just Derek appearing round the corner to look at shoes, he’s really getting into this shopping thing, it’s very worrying!

'Get a move on'

I spent a nice ten minutes watching women trying shoes on of all shapes and sizes and marvelled at some of them tottering in six inch heels or more, while thinking that they looked like medieval instruments of torture! Still, I didn’t have to wear them, but it was fascinating watching one woman who was feverishly trying every pair of shoes on she could find as though determined to buy something, while her husband looked on with a bemused look on his face as if to say 'just get a move on’ . Jane didn’t find anything so we went on to our next location which was Primark.

Chrissies Blog: Gold statue man

After discovering that all the people of Blackpool were in there, we went through the shop in double quick time and sojourned into H & M which looks more and more like a jumble sale. We beat a hasty retreat out of there, had a quick whirl round Debenhams with Derek once more looking at clothes. He’ll want more wardrobes at this rate, I’ve never known anything like it,. However, he didn’t buy anything, nor did I, so eventually we made our way back to our car, ready to sit down before we dropped. We had to pick up the food from M&S and got some very weird looks as we drove our car to the door as if to say how dare you come up here when we’re walking about, but we managed without killing anyone under our car wheels as they were so reluctant to move!

When we got home Kevin was waiting for us along with the dogs, no doubt wondering what we’d bought for tea, than goodness it was an easy tea as I really didn’t feel like bothering. However, we all enjoyed our afternoon out in the sun pretending we were on holiday!


Published: 4th August 2013
Modified: 4th August 2013