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Five Minutes of Fame

My Amounderness Way blog was popular yesterday - hello to everybody *waves* and a bit more local comment.

Well it seems that I caused a bit of a stir when I wrote my blog about the new speed limits on Amounderness Way, judging by the amount of people who read and shared it.

If you missed it, you can read it here. With the completion of the cycle patch and pavement, the speed limits have been altered on Amounderness Way and a pull in has been constructed for a speed enforcement vehicle. Trouble is the speed limit isn't very clear at all. 

Anyway, I would just like to say thank you to all the thousands of people who were interested by my ramblings and 'Hello' *waves* to all the new ones who have maybe seen my blog for the first time, and those of you who Liked my Facebook page - I hope you come back and have another look.

I write about all kinds of stuff - I like to keep people up to speed about things that are going on in our area, such as the blog I’ve just done about the cycle path. I also write about life in our family, a very funny family most of the time, we’re all barking mad most of the time and have lots of laughs and things to talk about.  I sometimes feel that I’m writing a soap opera when I go on about the daft things that happen here so if you like soap operas, I’m your man, or woman! From time to rime I have a bit of a rant about national subjects too, so if there's every anything that you want to ask me to write about just get in touch.

Chrissie and mob

On Easter Saturday yesterday we are stayed put and had a lazy day especially as we are having next week off, the first break since Christmas, and Jane is feeling under the weather. So our two wandering husbands went to Marsh Mill to suss out The Kiln House Art Gallery there as they have offered that we put up an exhibition of Derek’s paintings there.

He has actually already done this painting of Marsh Mill - and you can see lots of his other work at Seaside Emporium

Marsh Mill windmill

As they need to check out the wall area and how much space there is to put how many pictures up, they thought that while we were staying put they would go and do the measuring up, or maybe it’s an excuse to go sallying off somewhere else. Of course their favourite shop, Lidl isn’t on the way there.

For those of you who don’t know, every time the two of them go somewhere they always manage to go to Lidl to see what tools there are etc. or food! Jane asked them to pop to Morrisons as it was on the way, to find something for tea so heaven only knows what they will come up with!

We were enjoying the peace and quiet while watching the tide which had come in, and the beautiful waves that are created by the strong wind. What a cold wind it is as well but of course as you know, our family having a few days off is a sign to the weather to rain, blow and freeze us to death. It happens every time, so what’s new!!

rough sea and sunshine

Hamburger and Hooligans

Changing the subject, I was amazed to read in the Gazette yesterday that the McDonalds at Squire’s Gate are having a lot of trouble with gangs of teenagers - yet again - who are behaving any way they want to, while getting away with it as the management there don’t seem to care, that is until the police were brought in.

It’s not just confined to outside as well, apparently they are running riot inside the restaurant and not being stopped, how mad is that! A couple complained to restaurant staff that drinks were thrown at them while having a bite to eat, they then obviously complained to staff who fetched the police in, but of course the troublemakers had legged it by then.

The couple are in the habit of popping into the restaurant for a coffee or bite to eat on their way home but when they get attacked with drinks it’s not funny is it. They say that gangs of teenagers have taken over and sit swearing at each other and sometimes fight and throw things at each other, so heaven help you if you get caught in the cross fire. Can you imagine me with a hamburger, a cheese one of course, plastered to my head with ketchup and mustard dripping down my face? I somehow don’t think I would be laughing do you.

The couple said that the manager wouldn’t throw the yob out so they called the police. The police told the couple that they had spoken to the manager who didn’t seem concerned at all about the local youths and is more than happy to have them there even if they do throw the occasional drink!

Staff at the restaurant have been pelted with vegetables when they serve drive-thru customers and the louts even go and buy potatoes (really? bet they shoplift them) from Morrisons to pelt at the staff as they take food out to waiting customers. One worker said that they were ordered to carry on taking food outside even though they were having potatoes hurled at them, what can you say to that.

A potato would pack a hard punch, much like having a stone thrown at you, so what on earth is the manager doing condoning such behaviour. He is the one who wants removing for allowing these yobs to carry on like this in front of customers, does he really want to lose his job or something, because when you go to a family restaurant, you expect the manager to kick troublemakers out, not take no action at all. What is the world coming to when you get mob rule and it’s all over the country not just here, something should be done about it before it gets out of hand.

The police for a start should stop acting like everybody’s best friend and let them see that they are doing wrong whatever the offence instead of treating them like best buddies. If I owned the McDonald’s chain, I would be asking that dozy manager what on earth he was playing at allowing these idiots to get away with it, he obviously doesn’t have much loyalty to the firm or he would see the damage that this carry on causes to a household name, I don’t know, it makes you wonder!

What do you think?

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Published: 16th April 2017
Modified: 16th April 2017