Christians Against Poverty (CAP) -Free Debt Help

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) -Free Debt Help

When financial trouble hits, it’s easy to feel alone. It can seem like no one can help or that no one wants to.

Award-winning debt counselling charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP), really can help and hundreds of people call each week to begin their journey towards financial freedom.

CAP’s personal and long-term approach empowers people to get out of debt and learn budgeting skills with great success. Almost 90% of our clients pay all their bills and debts on time every month, with the same number saying that our help was life transforming or a great help.

Experience has shown that there is always a way out and no debt is too big or too small to deal with. In fact, people who are experiencing debt problems can get expert advice without even leaving their house because CAP visits people in their own homes!

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CAP also negotiates with creditors and supports people right up until they are debt free. On top of this, the whole service is free of charge and available to anyone regardless of age, faith, gender or background.

One CAP client said, “Life before was horrific. I was scared of the door, scared of the post, scared of the phone; I chose not to answer any of them. I just buried my head in the sand. CAP has transformed me. It’s brilliant now: I like getting up in the morning and I enjoy life.”

In the UK, there are 233 CAP Debt Centres and one of these is in Fleetwood. This means that local people can access the service, which is recommended by TV’s Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis.

Fleetwood CAP Centre Manager, Lisa Tudor said, “Every week we see people who think that there is no way out of their money problems and every week we offer them a solution that really works. If you are struggling with debt then there is hope. We can help you.”

To find out more, call Christians Against Poverty’s freephone number 0800 328 0006 or visit

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