The Mustard Seed Group

The Mustard Seed Group

The Mustard Seed Group is an outreach service that offers a hot meal/sandwiches/tea/coffee and advice that is brought by Add Action and J2r and other self help associations, as well as encouragement with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

It’s held at St Peter’s Church , Fleetwood
Every Monday Night
From 6.30pm – 9.30pm

The Mustard Seed Group was set up by Matthew Branson. He’s lived in Fleetwood for a long time, and was concerned that, like in most other places in the modern world, there were people and places in Fleetwood that were in decline.

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So rather than move away, Matthew decided to try and do something baout it and to create a service that offers help to tenants or homeless people to build a bridge of stability. To help them with depression , unemployment and low self worth within a simple soup kitchen that is called the ‘Mustard Seed Group’.

Matthew’s goal is to run a service that is unlike any other. The goal is that, eventually, the inflicted, the depressed, the lonely and people with addictions will take responsibility for their lives and the town where they live. That they will get involved in voluntary projects, have a settled home and find a new lease of life – kick-started by a simple out reach service such as our group within the foundations of the wonderful St Peter’s Church.

Every Monday there’s a soup kitchen, but it’s not just soup. Proper meals are on offer, such as hotpot /corned beef hash/curry and rice/cakes as well as refreshments tea/coffee.

There are also board games, and information that people can take away and think about – about services that can help them.

The Mustard Seed Group has volunteers, but more are always welcome. With the help of more people, more work can be done, such as extra help to run the night owl service, this includes giving hot drinks and soup to the homeless people who are sleeping rough.

If you can’t volunteer any time, there are always other ways in which you can help. The Group are looking for donations of board games, sleeping bags, clothes and of course food – such as cakes and tins of food.

On Monday the 2nd of April the Mustard Seed Group were excited about their Open Night, when the Mayor was present along with Syd Little and the Jeps presented the Mustard Seed Group with a cheque for £150. This was a hugely welcome boost as they are desperate for funds so that they can buy extra cooking equipment.

The Group are also looking for an office where they can phone landlords for clients and set up a base office.

If you can help the Mustard Seed Group in any way at all, here’s how you can get in touch:

Contact Matthew John Branson
Phone no: 07724896073
Email address:



St Peters Church Fleetwood
St Peter’s Church Fleetwood 







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