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Fleetwood and Me

People from Fleetwood who are famous - in the traditional sense, within the town boundary, or interesting people who have a story to tell and share.

What's your definition of famous? In this section we're interested in what you're interested in.

So your idea of a famous person might be someone who has been on TV (and Fleetwood might have a few of them hidden away), or a radio personality, or someone who is active in local politics.

Or maybe your idea of famous is the milkman who keeps an eye on the people on his round, or a community stalwart who looks after their patch and campaigns to make it better.

But we're not just interested in 'famous' we also want to hear your interesting stories. So if you've got a passion for Fleetwood - whether you've lived here for 50 years or five, come here twice a year, or have a desire to move in - then we want to hear from you.

You can get in touch by email - just contact and tell us your story, and don't forget to send some nice pics too!

Plus, tip us the wink if you know someone who we should contact - we all know someone interesting!

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