Janet Heald's Fleetwood

Janet Heald's Fleetwood

Last year, when Visit Fleetwood was a twinkle in our eye, we were contacted by Janet. She’s a big fan of Fleetwood and had made a great video that she wanted to share to show off her home town.

Janet had Directed and Produced the short film, along with Chris McLoughlin as Cameraman and Editor.

Watch Janet’s great video of Fleetwood on YouTube here

Janet was born and educated in Fleetwood and after living there for nearly 30 years still considers it to be her home town. Although she lives in Poulton at the moment she’s planning to move back to Fleetwood before the end of the year.

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Janet says ‘My parents have lived in Fleetwood all of their lives and I visit most days so it feels like I’ve never been away.

‘Chris also lives here with his parents who are very good friends of mine.’

Janet had originally seen an on line competition to make a film of a British sea side town so she asked Chris if he would be interested in helping her to make one of Fleetwood.

She then realised that, to the best of her knowledge, there was no recent footage of Fleetwood and with the new web site having just been launched thought it would help promote Fleetwood.

Janet has patiently waited for us to get the new site life and visitors coming through the doors, and then for the YouTube channel to be linked, which is where the video is hosted. When we emailed her this week she said

‘WOW! Fabulous news. Just in time for Civic Weekend 2012!

‘We had great fun making the film over several days and I can’t believe after watching the final edit how much Fleetwood has to offer!

‘I don’t think we missed anything but sure someone will point it out if we have!’

We’re sure that you’ll agree that Janet and Chris have made a great job of showing off just how great a place Fleetwood is, whether you live here or like to come to visit. Thanks both of you and we’ll look forward to other seaside films in the future!

First screen of Janet Heald video of Fleetwood
First screen of Janet Heald video of Fleetwood – follow the link to feel proud!

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