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Home is where the heart is… an Englishman’s home is his castle… many a true saying is rooted in our desire to look after where we live.

In this section, over time, you’ll find all kinds of items.

We’ll be looking at buying a house and what the benefits are of an old one or a new one. How to deal with your estate agent and make sure that things go smoothly. And that kind of thing.

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If you’ve caught the housebuilding bug from all the shows on TV you might be interested in our building and extending section. Or do you fancy adding a conservatory to your home?

As with everything else on these websites, you can rest assured that the advice is borne from experience. If we’ve not got the T shirt ourselves we’ll find someone who has and share the benefit of their knowledge.

And then when you’ve got your dream bricks and mortar we’ll help you to turn them into a home. With furnishings, furniture, ornaments and curtains, with tips and suggestions to make your money go further and where to look.

Then for good measure we’ll be investigating cleaning and top tips – after all you might as well preserve your efforts and keep things nice for as long as you can!

Your home is the most important, and expensive, purchase that you are ever likely to make, so you might as well make it a home to be proud of, and that’s something we’d like to do with you.

Take a look around, with the menu at the right.

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We’re looking for top tips, personal stories, anything goes if it’s helpful and/or interesting.

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Live here or visit we love it

It doesn’t matter whether you are lucky enough to live on the Fylde Coast or whether you love to come here to visit.

These websites and the information in them are for everyone who is interested.

Come on in, and enjoy!!


 Bedroom at Barratt Homes, Thornton
New bedroom in a new home

White goods at Mike Sanderson Electricals Fleetwood
White goods at Mike Sanderson Electricals Fleetwood

Beautiful homewares at Plush Fleetwood
Beautiful homewares

Building materials from Builders Supplies
Building materials from Builders Supplies

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