Hearnshaws Electrical Restoration

Hearnshaws Electrical Restoration

Hearnshaws Electrical stands quiet and closed, but thanks to a group of local residents its frontage at least looks set to be restored.

Hearnshaws stands on Lord Street, at the junction of Poulton Road. When it closed it was an electrical shop, but before that it was a tobaccanists – fondly remembered from many a local persons childhood.

Look upwards, above the old name sign, and you’ll see the ghost of it’s former life in the remnants of the shop front that’s painted straight onto the brickwork. You can still just make out ‘Ye Olde Toffe & Bacca’, along with the outline of a person whose identity seems to be long forgotten.

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Fleetwood’s Past is a Facebook Group which enjoys unearthing all kinds of local folklore and things from the past, and the people who chat on the forum have come together and started the ball rolling to restore the painted facade to its former glory.

A spokesman for the group told us that it was a project he’d wanted to tackle for years, adding, “we’ve already been in touch with the owners, the Hearnshaw family, and have their blessing and support. We’ve been promised scaffolding and a local artist can do the work. We’ve also been promised paint within reason.”

Members of the group have enjoyed long Facebook threads, discussing their memories of the shop and what they used to buy there. “The smell was so intoxicating, sweet and heady” said Maureen, and Sue said “Loved going in there with my grandad the smells were great from all the different tobaccos”.

Fleetwood is a fascinating place with rich history in a small area, and it’s fantastic that the enthusiasm and passion which people have for where they live can get something like this done for everyone to enjoy.

We’ll keep you posted, but if you would like to help with this project, by pledging your time to help, or money/materials to use, then please email us and we’ll put you in touch.

Just email jane@theRabbitPatch.co.uk

Besford Tobaccanists Fleetwood
Besford Tobaccanists Fleetwood
Photo courtesy of Fleetwoods Past Facebook Group

Hearnshaws Electrical Fleetwood
Hearnshaws Electrical Fleetwood today
Thanks to Nikki Marie Fox for this photo

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