Prevent Unwanted Pets

Prevent Unwanted Pets

Prevent Unwanted Pets is a very small, registered charity in Fleetwood, which helps owners to neuter their pets.

They desperately need your help with fundraising.

Can you spare a couple of hours?

Prevent Unwanted Pets focus on raising money to pay vet costs to help pet owners to get their dogs, cats and rabbits neutered.

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They have slots booked to collect money in supermarkets in Fleetwood and Cleveleys and need enough people to stand/sit with the collecting boxes over short shifts on 5 days.

The remaining dates are: Saturday 8 April in Cleveleys. The charity is allowed to collect from 9am to 7pm but volunteers can just do an hour or two at a time. All expenses would be paid for.

If they can’t get help they will lose invaluable funds which would have gone to helping animals in need.

Kathy and her husband single handedly raise funds and have helped thousands of people to get their pets neutered over the years and they want to continue doing this.

They have also rescued hundreds of unwanted and abandoned animals which have either been re-homed or they have kept themselves, many with health conditions. They do try to help the community – now they need help from the community. 

They have had many people volunteer in the past and then let them down so they do need people to be reliable.

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If you can volunteer to help, contact Kathy

Tel: 07792 672521


Charity number 702569. 

Prevent Unwanted Pets neuter pets

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