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Places to Eat in Fleetwood

There's something to eat and places to go to suit everyone's taste in Fleetwood!

In Fleetwood you'll find all kinds of food to eat-in or takeaway, or even supermarkets to buy things to cook at home!

Whether you are in Fleetwood for a couple of hours or longer, or you live here or nearby, there are plenty of eating places for everyone's taste.

As you'd expect at the seaside and certainly from a town with a fishing heritage, there are award winning fish and chips from restaurants with takeaways, cafes and restaurants, plus places to grab a quick snack on the move in the town centre.

There's the North Euston Hotel on the seafront which has both a bar and a restaurant. Freeport Fleetwood, just on the edge of the town, has cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. Both have outdoor tables too, so you can eat al fresco if you catch a glimpse of the sun!

If you're catering indoors or maybe holding a barbecue or party, there are also plenty of supermarkets in town with lots of choice.

You won't be stuck for food and places to eat at Fleetwood, or elsewhere along the Fylde Coast, where you'll also be able to find typical Lancashire fare!

 Outdoor eating at Freeport Fleetwood
Outdoor eating at Freeport Fleetwood

Bay Restaurant at the North Euston Hotel
Bay Restaurant at the North Euston Hotel


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