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SpareParts goes ‘On the Move’ in 2017

Fleetwood Festival of Transport secures further Arts Council investment to tour at trAction and Sandbach festivals

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Preparations for SpareParts, the UK’s only Festival of Art, Performance and Spectacle dedicated to transport and travel, are getting underway with the fantastic news that Fleetwood Festival of Transport has been awarded a grant by Arts Council England (ACE) to tour SpareParts to two other transport Festivals in the North of England.

Fleetwood Festival of Transport is one of only four organisations in the North of England, and 15 nationally, awarded funding from the Strategic Touring Fund in this cycle.

This investment will support SpareParts: On the Move – a pilot programme which will connect three ambitious transport festivals in Fleetwood, Crewe and Sandbach.

SpareParts Parade at Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2016

Led by Fleetwood Festival of Transport, the organisations will work together to produce and deliver an exciting programme of outdoor arts which local audiences can enjoy and take part in. The project aims to continue this partnership approach and develop a touring network of transport festivals.

Adam McGuigan, SpareParts Festival Director said, “We are delighted that the work Fleetwood Festival of Transport, Wyre Council, LeftCoast and the Arts Council have been building for the past 3 years has been recognised again by ACE. We are excited to work with local residents to explore the rich transport heritage in all three locations and see how these stories can be brought to life at trAction and Sandbach Transport Festival. We have worked together to create an incredible programme of spectacular performance which we are sure will thrill thousands of people at all three festivals.”

SpareParts Parade at Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2016

Sarah Maxfield, North Area Director, Arts Council England said, “I’m really pleased that we’re supporting the Fleetwood Festival of Transport through our National Lottery funded Strategic Touring programme. The SpareParts Festival is already a highlight for many people in and around Fleetwood, so it’s great that this investment will enable it to tour to two other transport festivals in Crewe and Sandbach. Not only will this help transport festivals in the North West work better together, but it will also mean more people can enjoy and take part in the events.”

Cat Smith, MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood, said, "Tram Sunday and Spare Parts is a real highlight of the Fleetwood year and showcases Fleetwood at its best, from old trams to modern dance. I’m proud to be a part of Tram Sunday in Fleetwood and I’m also proud that we can now share this fantastic event with audiences in Crewe and Sandbach."

Michael Trainor, Artistic Director of LeftCoast, said: “Tram Sunday featuring SpareParts is quite simply Fleetwood’s best day and we are really pleased that the Arts Council has seen the potential to take the SpareParts Festival to other areas of the North West. The Fleetwood Festival of Transport Committee should be immensely proud that their work over the past three years has paid off so splendidly. The artistic programme which has been developed over the past three years is unique. Transport and art collide in a way that is becoming incredibly popular with residents and visitors alike, Crewe and Sandbach are in for a treat!”

More details of the artists and performances will be released prior to the three festivals:

- Sandbach 22nd/23rd April
- Crewe 8th/9th July
- Fleetwood 16th July

LeftCoast and Wyre Council have worked with organisers of the Fleetwood Festival of Transport for three years to bring SpareParts to the ever popular annual ‘Tram Sunday’. Fusing transport and arts to create a fantastical family experience, completely free of charge, in and around Fleetwood, this is a day not to be missed. You will be sure to find something to awe and inspire you – from the spectacular Great SpareParts Arts Parade to wandering around the SpareParts Village in the town’s Memorial Park where all performances, workshops and other creative experiences take place in or around vehicles. You may even bump into a few strolling or mobile artists during the day!

The organisers are looking forward to working with trAction and Sandbach Transport Festival to see how SpareParts can develop and grow with the collaboration from two dynamic new partners.

Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Fund is a National Lottery funded programme.

SpareParts Festival Director Appointed

Published May 2016

Fleetwood Festival of Transport appointed Adam McGuigan as the Festival Director in 2016.

Adam comes to Fleetwood with a wealth of experience, including 10 years in Zambia.

Adam McGuigan, Tram Sunday Festival Director

Ten years ago he co-founded Barefeet Theatre in Zambia (, an organisation which works with young people living on or vulnerable to live on the streets in Zambia (children living with disability, from refugee backgrounds or in low income communities).

Barefeet works through drama, music, carnival, rhythm, dance and other expressive mediums to give young people a platform to have their voices heard, express themselves and share their skills. As the Artistic Director, Adam was responsible for spearheading their annual Barefeet Festival. This two-week festival was the culmination of a year’s work in a cross art form mix of over 27 live events. The annual event closes with a dynamic carnival procession through the streets of Lusaka with over 2500 performer participants.

“I am excited to see how I can creatively work with the partners to create a dynamic, innovative and exciting range of performances, with a transport theme, to animate and enliven the festival,” said Adam.

“I am already working on projects in Manchester and Liverpool and I’m looking forward to giving my experience, passion and energy to ensure that this year’s festival is creatively powerful, community driven, effectively managed, logistically sound and most importantly full of the spirit and soul which was so clearly evident in the last two years of SpareParts.”

Dave Carlos, Fleetwood Festival of Transport’s Operations Director said “We are thrilled that Adam is keen to help us to move the Spare Parts Festival, now an integrated and highly-regarded part of Tram Sunday, into the stratosphere.

“His experience is very relevant to our Festival and our town as we seek to involve the local community even more closely. His appointment is a real coup for the event!”

Have a look at what happened in 2015:

SpareParts at Fleetwood Tram Sunday 2016

Fleetwood Tram Sunday

Tram Sunday


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