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Tram Sunday 2014 Photos

It was Tram Sunday once again on 20 July 2014 - a great day of fun for all the family!

Fleetwood Festival of Transport is a Fleetwood institution, always known in local parts as ‘Tram Sunday’.

Tram Sunday started in 1985 to mark the Centenary of Blackpool Tramway. The year after was the 150th anniversary of Fleetwood, so what was intended to be a one-off event became an annual tradition - and the rest is history!

A big hats-off and thank you to all the members of the Fleetwood Chamber of Trade and Commerce, and the Fleetwood Festival of Transport Community Interest Company for organising what was a great event - and the weather was even fine and sunny which just made it truly wonderful.

In 2015 the date for Tram Sunday is 19 July - see you there!

2015 was also the first year for the 'Spare Parts Arts Festival'.

Supported by arts organisation LeftCoast, it added a creative and artistic element of street theatre to the event for the first time, with a fabulous parade through the town. Magnificent!

Fairground rides at Tram Sunday 2014

Tram Sunday fun 2014

Street theatre at Tram Sunday 2014

Face painting at TRam Sunday 2014

Tram Sunday 2014

Tram Sunday side stall 2014




Tram Sunday 2014

Tram Sunday 2014Spare Parts Arts Parade

Tram Sunday 2014

Vintage Tram at Tram Sunday 2014

Street theatre at Tram Sunday 2014

Tram Sunday 2014Don't forget the Scarecrow Festival too! 2014 was the first year for the Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival, running for the two weeks before Tram Sunday


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