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Fleetwood Tram Sunday - SpareParts Arts

SpareParts is the UK's only transport themed arts festival, find it at Fleetwood Tram Sunday

SpareParts Arts Festival

The Fleetwood Festival of Transport Committee have worked with arts organisation LeftCoast for several years to add a different dimension to Tram Sunday, through arts and arts participation. 

Now they're on the hunt for artists for this years event!

The SpareParts Arts Parade made its first appearance in 2014, the same year that dancing diggers appeared on Fleetwood beach!

With continuing support from LeftCoast and Arts Council the SpareParts Festival is a regular feature of Tram Sunday. Look out for workshops and local community participation in earlier weeks, and on the day itself.  

SpareParts is the UK's only Festival of Art, Performance and Spectacle, dedicated to transport, travel and motion. 

Have a look at what happened in 2016 here 

Arts and Health Residencies

Wyre Council wants to make Fleetwood Market a hub for creative and healthy activity.

Fleetwood Market

The market is a busy traditional market with over 150 indoor and outdoor stalls. It’s a true shopper’s paradise with a variety of stalls including food, clothing and household goods.

Apart from some local footfall it is primarily a ‘stop and shop’ point for coach excursions, and day visitors to Fleetwood. It would be fair to say, the average visitor is 50 years and over.

Over the past two years, there has been a push to increase the footfall and demographics of the visitors by introducing arts and entertainment. Although successful and well received, this has been ad hoc. It is the intention now to promote artists’ residencies to build rapport with traders, engage with visitors and encourage wider participation and repeat visits.

The strategic programme that is Healthier Fleetwood, of which Wyre Council is a key player, is looking for unique and stimulating ways of keeping people active and healthy, both their mental and physical wellbeing. These residencies will help to develop a creative strand for this initiative, known as ‘arts and health’.

The residencies are also offered as a build up to Tram Sunday and SpareParts Festival on Sunday July 16th.

This is the first year the market will be featured as a key venue in the programme - you can find out much more about the event from the pages in this section.

More information

The Arts and Health Residencies are an exciting new opportunity for two local artists

The aims are:

- To secure a six month, ‘rent free’, residency for two local artists.
- To promote Fleetwood Market, during the build-up months and on the day of Tram Sunday/SpareParts as a focal point to introduce health and wellbeing based arts activity.
- To increase the footfall of the market and widen its visitor demographics.
- To make Fleetwood Market a key venue of SpareParts 2017.



The Application/Expressions of Interest form also includes more information, please complete it and and submit with your project ideas.

The closing date is Friday April 21st by email to 

SpareParts Highlights from 2016


The Great SpareParts Arts Parade
A sight to be seen - a grand participatory parade of artist designed or decorated cars, bikes, rickshaws, trucks, vans and other forms of transport which processed through the huge Tram Sunday crowds in mid-afternoon.

Spare Parts Arts Parade

Artists and arts companies created unusual and weird vehicles to display during the day and joined the parade through an audience of tens of thousands of admirers. 

SpareParts Village
Static installations and performances in, on and around vehicles formed part of the SpareParts Village in Memorial Park.

SpareParts Arts Parade setting off from Memorial ParkPhoto: Craig Shaw Photography

Timed performances and sideshows took place in Memorial Park in and around interesting vehicles, trailers, caravans and other travel/transport related structures.

Strolling and mobile performers, with a transport or travel theme, were performing throughout the day.

Rimskis Piano at Tram Sunday 2015Photo: Craig Shaw Photography

Local creative groups helped by participatory arts companies helped Communities to develop their own content for SpareParts 2016.

Tram Sunday float made by primary school children
Tram Sunday float made by local primary school children
Photo: Craig Shaw Photography


Over thirty companies performed across the day with arts activities taking place at Marine Hall, The Esplanade, Euston Gardens, Adelaide Street and Fisherman’s Walk tram stop.

Spare Parts Arts Parade at Fleetwood Tram Sunday

SPARE PARTS ARTS PARADE wound its way through Fleetwood from 3pm - watch these two clips of the fabulous parade!

Rag and Bone were leading the way with their collection of crazy vehicles, joined by creative creations made by Handmade Parade and members of the community, plus artist Jon Large and the new Scenic~O~Sonic Sound System float.

Spare Parts Arts Parade at Fleetwood Tram Sunday

The parade started at Memorial Park and followed Lord Street, Bold Street, Mount Road, The Esplanade to finish at Marine Hall.

Spare Parts Arts Parade at Fleetwood Tram Sunday

‘SCENE~O~SONIC SOUND SYSTEM’ was made with the help of the community by artist Jon Large from Manchester - an exciting and original new float for the SpareParts Arts Parade, based on an early 20th century fairground organ using its traditional shape, with a Fleetwood inspired contemporary twist - it was towed behind 'Tonefloat' - a musical milk float also taking part in the parade.

Interactive shows and performances included The Insect Circus, housed within a vintage Bedford TK Beetlebox lorry. The Travelling Treasury invited you to enter a beautifully transformed caravan for a magical storytelling experience.

Wandering the streets of Fleetwood were strolling shows including Granny Tourismo (below), three raucous grandmothers who burn rubber and make up the first and only shopping trolley dance display team. Watch the great video clip too!

Granny Tourismo at Tram Sunday 2015

Granny Tourismo perform at Spare Parts Arts at Fleetwood Tram Sunday

The Sauruses stalked the streets with a deafening roar, looking for food to calm their prehistoric hunger – plus The Lollipop Patrol (below) were the luminous hand of the law.

Lollipop Patrol part of Spare Parts Arts Parade at Fleetwood Tram Sunday

Blackpool based artist Infected by Design taught children skills using graffiti, stickers and acrylic makers to create a one of a kind piece of urban art; while Sarah Hicks helped kids create their own vehicle from recycled materials to take home or contribute to a large collaborative art piece.

EXTRAORDINARY BODIES presented their new show Weighting at Marine Hall Gardens. Weighting told the story of an extraordinary family who make new discoveries in the face of love and loss. The show celebrated risk-taking and the right time to let go. 

Weighting performed by Extraordinary Bodies at Tram Sunday

EXTRAORDINARY BODIES SUPER CHOIR was a ‘super choir’ of existing choirs, individual singers and those who just wanted to give it a go. Cleveleys based 'Dream Team' singers were part of it and performed live as the finale of the show ‘Weighting’ as part of SpareParts.

“I’M GLAD YOU’RE HERE" was a welcome with a difference from artist Lowri Evans as part of the SpareParts Arts element of the festival. Originally premiered at Preston Train Station in April, at Fisherman’s Walk Street tram stop visitors got their own personalised filmic welcome as they stepped onto the platform.

I'm Glad You're Here

BAYBEAT STREETBAND were looking for: People who can bang a drum, People who can play the saxophone, People who blow their own trumpet, People with an ukelele of their own, to form a street band to play at the event.

YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS were invited to take part in a series of workshops and be commissioned to photograph the SpareParts Arts Programme. Young people aged between 13 and 19 were able to work with professional Blackpool based photographers Claire Griffiths and Jill Reidy to develop their skills. 

Spare Parts Arts Parade 2014

Rag and Bone parade

Boom Bikes

The Lollipop Patrol

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Spare Parts Arts Parade at Tram Sunday 2015

Fleetwood Tram Sunday

Spare Parts Arts Parade at Tram Sunday 2015

Spare Parts Arts Parade at Tram Sunday 2015

Spare Parts Arts Parade at Tram Sunday 2015

Spare Parts Arts Parade at Tram Sunday 2015

Spare Parts Arts Parade at Tram Sunday 2015

SpareParts Arts Festival at Tram Sunday 2014

SpareParts Arts Festival at Tram Sunday 2014

SpareParts Arts Festival at Tram Sunday 2014


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