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walking at Rossall Point
Walking on the prom at Rossall Point

evening walk
Evening stroll at Fleetwood

Walking at Fleetwood

There are plenty of places to walk at Fleetwood, and enjoy a flat but wide and open landscape.

In this modern day where everything is so expensive, it’s nice to know that everyone can enjoy the great outdoors at Fleetwood for no more cost than a pair of comfy shoes and maybe a bottle of water.

In a flat landscape with barely an incline to be seen, even the less physically capable among us will enjoy walking, big open skies and glorious views on this peninsula with wide open spaces along most of the sea front.

The Lancashire Coastal Way delivers serious walkers from the south, along the coast road from Blackpool and Cleveleys – along a changing landscape of serious sea defences and natural dune type habitat.

A coastal footpath runs right along the edge of the sea, and the coast road is separated from the beach by open land, public amenities and Fleetwood Golf Course.

Of course anyone can get dressed for the weather and set off for a walk – but if you want some company or encouragement you might like to join in with Active Wyre – who organise walking sessions for different levels of fitness with something for everyone.

One thing is for sure, at Fleetwood there is no shortage of open space and fresh air, with plenty of both for everyone to enjoy.


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