Fleetwood Lifeboat Day

Fleetwood Lifeboat Day

The RNLI welcomes visitors from across the county, to the annual Fleetwood Lifeboat Day, held at the Lifeboat Station on The Esplanade.

Fleetwood RNLI Lifeboat Day – 20 July 2019

On Saturday, 20th July, RNLI Fleetwood celebrates their annual Open Day and invite friends and supporters to join them on this special occasion. This year is an extra special occasion, as the station celebrates 160 years’ service in the town.

Both Fleetwood lifeboats will be joined by lifeboats from the neighbouring stations. See boats from Lytham St Anne’s, Morecambe, Barrow in Furness and Blackpool.

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The Fleetwood boathouse is the focus of the day’s activity. RNLI volunteers will man stalls selling gifts, refreshments and homemade cakes. There’s an opportunity to join in the fun with face painting and tombola prizes. Fleetwood Coastguard and National Coastwatch Rossall Point are joining in the celebrations.

Plan for Fleetwood Lifeboat Day

The day starts around 10.30am.

The Shannon class Fleetwood lifeboat, Kenneth James Pierpoint and the ‘D’ class inshore lifeboat, Mary Elizabeth Barnes, escort the lifeboats from neighbouring lifeboat stations into port, at around 12.30pm.

The sail past by yachts from Fleetwood Marina starts at 1pm. There’s a prize for the Best Decorated Yacht, judged by the Mayor of Wyre, Councillor Ann Turner.

The lifeboats will then give demonstrations of both their speed and agility, climaxing with the Shannon’s spectacular ‘crash stop’.

Captain David Eccles, Lifeboat Operations Manager for Fleetwood Lifeboat said; ‘This is always a special day in our year and we look forward to meeting all our friends and supporters, without whom, we could not operate.’

History of Fleetwood RNLI

In February 1859, the first lifeboat arrived in Fleetwood at its new boathouse, built on the beach opposite the North Euston Hotel.

The crew of Fleetwood Lifeboat ‘Child Of Hale’, which served from 1887 -1892
The crew of Fleetwood Lifeboat ‘Child Of Hale’, which served from 1887 -1892

160 years later, the volunteers are looking to celebrate the occasion, with their annual Lifeboat Day on 20th July, 2019 as the focus.

When Captain Edward Wasey first appealed to the RNLI for a lifeboat in Fleetwood, he could have had no idea how successful the decision would be. Over the last 160 years, the RNLI volunteers in the town, have saved nearly 700 lives.

The first lifeboat, a 30 foot, six oared ‘Peake’ class, which was unnamed, was kept on a special launching carriage. It was built at a cost of £140. John Cox, Chief Boatman to the local Coastguard, was appointed Coxswain.

Fleetwood RNLI’s latest Shannon class lifeboat, Kenneth James Pierpoint, in contrast, cost £2.2 million and is the 12th all-weather lifeboat to serve at Fleetwood. She rests in the seventh lifeboat station to be built near the Euston Gardens. Alongside the all-weather lifeboats, Fleetwood RNLI has also had ‘D’ class lifeboats serving at the lifeboat station, since 1966.

Current Coxswain, Tony Cowell said ‘It’s a tremendous feeling to be part of this town’s history. The lifeboat has been part of the community for 160 years and saved many lives. But it has also been an important service to Fleetwood, operating alongside its historical fishing industry. However, without the local support we’ve received over the years, it would have been impossible to continue. On our Lifeboat Day, we would like to say a massive thank you to them, not only for the past 160 years, but for the next’.

A new Fleetwood Lifeboat

Lifeboat Day in 2016 was a whopping great big event, with the arrival of the new Shannon class lifeboat, Kenneth James Pierpoint.

Along with the new Shannon class lifeboat, were lifeboats from Lytham St Annes, Blackpool, Morecambe and Barrow in Furness, with the ‘D’ class inshore lifeboat from Fleetwood also joining in the fun. The lifeboat parade was a sight to see!

Following the lifeboat parade, over 70 local craft sailed past the lifeboat station with a prize for the Best Dressed boat. In the afternoon, was a visit from a local rescue helicopter and an epic rescue demonstrating the skills of the volunteer lifeboat crew.

Read more about the new Fleetwood lifeboat here

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