Fleetwood RNLI Lifeboat Pull

Fleetwood RNLI Lifeboat Pull

Each year, Fleetwood Lifeboat usually organise their annual Lifeboat Pull to raise funds to save lives at sea.

Starting from the RNLI at Fleetwood, a number of teams will pull the inshore lifeboat from Fleetwood lifeboat station to Blackpool lifeboat station.

Each team is sponsored in their efforts, pulling the lifeboat in one mile stages, to raise funds for Fleetwood Lifeboat.

There won’t be a Lifeboat Pull in 2015 because of the ongoing sea defence works at Rossall and Anchorsholme. The logistics of taking the boat off the sea wall onto the road are too complicated and risky – so the event will be back when the works are completed. 

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Lifeboat Pull Sunday 14th July 2013 

– Fleetwood Lifeboat crew plus their wives and girlfriends,
– Fleetwood Weatherspoons, the Thomas Drummond
– Foulds Metals – who are sponsoring the event and entering a team
– The Civil Servants – a team of boys and girls
– Additions from Fleetwood
– The Strawberry Gardens
– Moorhouses Brewery – who are also sponsoring the event
– Weatherspoons managers from the Fylde Coast pubs

Event organiser Peter Atkinson said “This is a great event and a lot of fun. Not only is it a major fundraiser, it’s a high profile event that many people see who might not otherwise donate to the lifeboat fund – a vitally important charity for a coastal community like the Fylde Coast”.

If you’ve got a business or shop/retail premises on the Fylde Coast and you’d like to sponsor the event, collect or donate to the appeal then by all means get in touch and we’ll pass your details on.

Email jane@theRabbitPatch.co.uk

The Lifeboat crew save many lives at sea each year, with all kinds of sea and beach users, and not just from fishing boats.

Lifeboat Pull 2012
Thanks to Margaret Bailey for this photo taken at the 2012 Pull

Fleetwood RNLI Lifeboat Pull

Fleetwood RNLI Lifeboat Pull

Fleetwood RNLI Lifeboat Pull

Fleetwood RNLI Lifeboat Pull

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