Kites and Kitesurfing

Kites and Kitesurfing

There are places all around the UK coastline that are known for surfing, like Devon and Cornwall, but did you know that the Fylde Coast, and in particular Fleetwood, is a local hotspot for wind/watersports?

One thing we are very rarely short of around here is wind – after all that’s why they build windfarms in the Irish Sea – which makes it perfect for flying kites and taking part in kite sports.

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If it’s not blowing quite in the right direction at Fleetwood, the kitesurfers just bob round the coast and catch it at a different angle at Cleveleys.

The beach at the left of the Marine Hall is home to Fleetwood Kite Club.

Wind sports include kitesurfing, kitebuggying and more, and on this coastline there are frequently individuals or groups to be found enjoying all weathers, all year round, travelling up and down the waves at great speed and performing acrobatics too.

Although there are many local people who enjoy these sports on their own doorstep, people also come to Fleetwood from all over the north west – from Manchester, Cheshire and far beyond.

If you don’t want to get wet and join in it’s fascinating to watch and brings life to the beach.

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