How to - Book Space for Rides and Amusements

How to - Book Space for Rides and Amusements

Tram Sunday is a fun day out for all the family and hundreds of people enjoy having a go on the rides! If you’re an operator find out how to book a space for rides and amusements at this years event.

How to Book a Space for Rides and Amusements at Fleetwood Tram Sunday – on 21 July 2019

This year the Directors are asking for a complete list of ALL the rides or attractions which operators want to bring to the event. You will then be told which of the rides you can bring. NO INFLATABLES PLEASE! Please note that the organisers decision is final.

All rides and attractions will be checked on arrival on the day. Please supply all necessary certificates before the event.

Sign Up

An invoice will be sent for payment one month before the cut off date of 21 June. One payment is received your pass will be issued.

Prices for Rides and Amusements in Blackpool

A small ride for young children is £100 and a larger ride £250. The organisers feel this is a fairer way to operate and is how many other events do business.

Download the application form to book space for rides and attractions at Tram Sunday 2019.

Questions about how to book space for Rides and Attractions at Tram Sunday?

This page and the application form should answer your questions around how to book your slot at Tram Sunday.

Should you wish to ask anything else please email

Terms and Conditions for Vehicles

1. All stalls/vehicles to be fully erected/in place between 7.30am and 9am and must not leave until after 4.30pm
Please give adequate notice to the Secretary of any cancellation instructions.
3. The FFoT Directors reserve the right to refuse any application deemed to be contrary to the safety and well-being of the event.
4. Marshals are responsible for the safety and security of this event therefore you are requested to comply with all parking instructions.
5. Where necessary, all documentation and insurance requirements are the responsibility of the Exhibitor.
6. Please display your Vehicle Pass prominently for easy identification.

Amusements/Acts (in addition to the above)

1. All licences and insurance must be current and available for inspection if required by the authorities.
2. All bookings will be confirmed when you are issued with a Pass close to the date of the event.
3. The FFoT Directors reserve the right to refuse any booking deemed to be contrary to the welfare or safety of the event.
4. In the event of a dispute arising between registrants for whatever reason, the FFoT Directors’ decision will be final.
5. The Entertainment provider is responsible for providing their own  marshalling if joining in the parade/s.
6. Entertainers must be ready and on time when requested. A list of times and zones will be available at Festival Control.

Payment is to made at the time of booking, closing date Friday 21 June 2019.

A Pass with guidelines and information about the event will be issued AFTER THE CLOSING DATE (around TWO WEEKS before the event). It will be sent to you by post.

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