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Fleetwood is a charming, historic seaside town where Irish Sea meets the Wyre estuary. Explore miles of natural beaches and the beautiful Esplanade, stop by The Mount with its splendid views over the Marine Hall and Morecambe Bay. Shop on Lord Street, in the market and town centre and at nearby Freeport Fleetwood outlet centre. This website will show you around Fleetwood with information for residents and visitors, about the place and people who live here.

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  • New Retail Site at Norcross What do you think to the plans for the new retail park at Norcross, and how it might impact local towns? more
  • I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll pull your tooth out! The tale of a terrible tussle for a tooth extraction... more
  • Saturday Afternoon Out We made the most of the sunshine on Saturday, did you? more
  • Lost and Found A small escaped parrot visits our garden and a piggy is picked up by the Police! more
  • Pick up your Muck! It's almost the season for dog bans, but please be responsible whatever the time of year and wherever you are more
  • Five Minutes of Fame My Amounderness Way blog was popular yesterday - hello to everybody *waves* and a bit more local comment. more
  • New Speed Limits on Amounderness Way Watch your speed between Eros and Three Lights roundabouts at Fleetwood - don't get shot with a speed gun! more
  • Viva! A new diner is coming to town! The former Harry Ramsden's is to be transformed into a new diner for Blackpool prom more
  • A Chilly Morning Cold out on the beach for the Rossall Beach Group clean up - but not as cold as it should have been in our freezer... more
  • A Sad End to Come To Sobering news on Friday morning, as a man's body is found washed up on our beach more
  • Good to be Back The Big Wheel is back for Easter, plus some beach safety advice more
  • Exhibitions, X Factor and Time Wasters We're thrilled to have an exhibition at The Grand, X Factor is coming to Blackpool, and another rant about time-wasters at the doctors more
  • Beautiful Weather, Crossleys Bridge, Conference Centre and a Pet Minister! What a mixed bag of subjects for today's blog - come on in and join the chatter... more
  • You'll Grow into It In the days before George at Asda, when everything was too big and had to be worn until it wore out... more
  • Crash, Bang Wallop I had not quite the kind of trip that I like yesterday! more

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Birthday Cakes from The New Penny of Poulton

There's nothing like a fresh, homemade birthday cake to show someone that you love them - order your next treat from The New Penny.

Lots to see and do in Blackpool Town Centre

There's always plenty to see and do in Blackpool Town Centre

Green up your Garden with Builders Supplies

Full range of garden and outdoor products at Builders Supplies - all at very competitive prices - anything bulky can easily be delivered right to your own back garden.

Seniors St Annes is Open!

After long delays, the doors really are open again at the fully refurbished Seniors St Annes

FTFC in the Playoffs!

Fleetwood Town FC secured a 1-0 win against Millwall at home on Easter Monday and secured their place in the League One playoffs.

Coming up at Viva Blackpool!

Events, shows and entertainment - be amazed as Viva Blackpool present their full production cabaret spectacular and more - in wonderful surroundings!

Do you Suffer from Migraine?

If you're one of the many people who suffer from this condition, you might be interested in trialling a new treatment at one of MAC's Clinics

Welcome to the Strawberry Bistro

Enjoy a meal with a menu of classic regular dishes and daily specials, all prepared and served by Nick and Annie

Perfect Caravan Park for Touring and Static Caravans

Eastham Hall Caravan Park is a perfect spot for your next caravan holiday, whether in your own personal static, for season long touring or just for the night.

Dogs on Beaches in Fleetwood

Information about where you can and can't take your dog on the seafront and beach at Fleetwood.

Caribbean Weekend at The Venue

Enjoy a selection of Caribbean Beers, Caribbean Foods, Overproof Rums and legendary Caribbean cocktails, plus live bands and DJs til late

Stay at the No 1 Hotel in Thornton Cleveleys

Treat yourself to a stay at the TripAdvisor no 1 rated Briardene Hotel - where the bright lights of Blackpool meet family friendly Cleveleys

Business Owners - HMRC Reporting Changes Ahead

All businesses, including landlords, with turnover over £10,000 a year will be required to submit summarised accounts to HMRC, online every three months.

What's Happening in Fleetwood

Find out at the next meeting of Fleetwood Town Council, it's on 25 April 2017

What's On at Cleveleys Community Centre

There's always something for everyone at Cleveleys Community Centre - with weekly and monthly activities and groups.