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Getting to Fleetwood

Find your way to Fleetwood by public transport or car.

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Fleetwood is quite easy to get in and out of, but a little more complex to navigate once you are here!

Fleetwood stands on a peninsula, bounded by the River Wyre. Decimus Burton laid the streets out in a radiating grid from the Mount - the streets in the centre of town can be confusing but the Mount and lighthouses provide direction, so aim for them and you'll find your way!

By public transport:

April 2012 saw the return of the trams to Fleetwood, but now they are what's called a 'light railway' with a fleet of modern, brand new Bombardier trams. The service runs every ten minutes to Fleetwood, and follows the line of the coast through to Starr Gate at the southern end of Blackpool.

There is also a coastal bus service which runs along the promenade.

You can come into the peninsula from two directions by car:

From Cleveleys and the coast:

The easiest and most scenic way is to follow the main road and coast road. Coming north out of Cleveleys the main road parts from the promenade at Thornton Gate, rejoining the coast at the northern side of Cleveleys at the traffic lights just past the Rossall School fields. If you are coming from Blackpool to Fleetwood you should just follow the main road and head through the centre of Cleveleys, staying next to the tram lines.

 As you rejoin the coast after Rossall School you won’t see the sea on your left because of the flood defence wall, but in a short distance the scenery opens up as you approach the Golf Club.

Just carry on this coast road without turning off, and you’ll travel round the tip of the peninsula taking in the boating lakes, the Marine Hall and Mount, the seafront and North Euston Hotel, beach and RNLI, the docks and finally Asda and the Freeport. Turn right and go inland down any of the side streets from the RNLI onwards and you’ll come to the high street, market and shops.

Coming from the A585:

If you come to Fleetwood from inland you’ll pick up the main A585 road into the area, and all you need to do is stick with the road and follow the signs for Fleetwood.

Eventually you will see the Freeport on your right, and Asda on your left. If you turn left at this roundabout you come to Lord Street which is the end of the main high street (and the opposite end of town to the market).

Carry on along the main road at the Asda/Freeport roundabout and you’ll pass the new Same Day Health Centre, the old docks, then the RNLI and beach with the North Euston Hotel on your left, and carry on round to the Marine Hall, boating lakes, golf course, and finally end up back on the main road to Cleveleys. Turn left off this road anywhere from Asda to the RNLI and you are a short hop from the shopping areas and market.


There is a pay and display car park in Fleetwood near the market on Albert Street, and another one on the other side of the market on Custom House Lane/off Victoria Street. Residents can park herefor free for two hours with a residents permit. There is plenty of free on street parking all over Fleetwood, including on Lord Street, making it easy to stop off and pick up what you need to buy.



Albert Street Car Park
Albert Street car park, near the market

 bus stop
Plenty of bus stops along the Lord Street, the main shopping street





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