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View of Fleetwood beach from Rossall Observation TowerSeafront at Rossall Point

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Fleetwood seafront at the RNLIFleetwood seafront at the RNLI


As it’s sat on a peninsula, Fleetwood has a long and changing waterfront, which offers different things to people, and habitats for nature.

Leave Cleveleys in the south and carry on around the peninsula, and the waterfront at Fleetwood starts with the concrete sea defences in the area around Rossall Hospital and Fairway.

This is the section which is currently being rebuilt as part of the Rossall Coastal Defence Scheme - building new sea defences for the future.

Drive along Fleetwood seafront from Rossall Hospital to the Sea Cadets base

Hard landscaping near to the end of Chatsworth Avenue gives way to a more natural pathway, beach and small dune system in the area which butts up to the golf course. 

The huge green areas of the golf course links and pitch and putt are followed heading north by playgrounds, grassed community space and then the boating lakes - all valuable spaces for the public to use for all manner of things, from walking the dog to having large family parties at the weekend on the public fields, and they also play host to all manner of wildlife, much of which is specially adapted to the harsh marine environment.

Drive along Fleetwood seafront from the Sea Cadets base to Fleetwood Museum

Marine Beach at Fleetwood

Heading further round the end of the Fleetwood land mass, behind the Marine Hall you'll find the sandy Marine Beach and facilities for the public including a wider promenade pathway and beach huts, plus a seafront cafe where you can while away idle summer days in the sunshine.

Beach at the Esplanade

Finally, on the seafront at the Esplanade before the approach to the docks, you’ll reach the beach adjacent to Fleetwood RNLI station, which is also a site of Special Scientific Interest. Here, you’ll find native sea holly growing, and all the wildlife which in turn the plants attract.

Against this beach is public parking right next to the promenade, where you can sit in your car facing over the water, looking across the channel to Knott End with Morecambe Bay and the Lakes beyond and a fabulous view for miles on a clear day.

Carry on from the promenade (video clip below) and you'll pass Fleetwood Museum on your right, which was originally the old Customs House. You pass along Dock Street, reaching Asda also on your right and a little further on your left is Freeport.

Not accessible from the beach, but technically still called waterfront as they stand on the banks of the River Wyre, are the Fleetwood Marsh Nature Reserve, and the Wyreside Country Park at Stanah - you get to both by travelling inland and get beautiful views and green landscapes for your travels.

These two parks sit against the tidal banks of the river and so benefit from all the wildlife that you can imagine live in such a rich habitat. Both are also designed for people to use for walking and enjoyment of the outdoors, with car parking at both, along with toilets and a cafe at Wyreside.

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