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Lord StreetLord Street, St Peter's Church on the right

Fleetwood MarketFleetwood Market

Lord Street

Fleetwood Town Centre

You'll find all kinds of stores selling all kinds of things at Fleetwood, in a town centre with independents and high street names.

Lord Street is the main shopping area at Fleetwood, which runs parallel with Dock Street from the market through to Amounderness Way, with Poulton Road coming off at right angles with additional shops of all kinds.

Drive along Lord Street from Fisherman's Walk to the RBS Bank...

...and from RBS/Store 21 to North Albert Street

Fleetwood has a varied selection of shops with a few national chains but a majority of independent shops selling all kinds of things, from clothes repairs and ironmongery, through to gifts and clothes and wool for hand-knitting.

There are stores for pretty much most things including chemists, supermarkets plus individual butchers and bakeries, hairdressers, electrical suppliers like Mike Sanderson Electricals – where you can buy anything from a fuse to an American fridge!

It’s fair to say that it’s a place where you could be pretty much self sustained, even to the point that there are accountants, solicitors and dentists in the area of St Peter's Church.

Near St Peter's Church in the area of the market, Lord Street turns into North Albert Street and the shops continue along both sides of the road, and here you will find the library and a little further along is Fleetwood Hospital.

Fleetwood Market is on Adelaide Street, near to the clock tower and adjacent to Dock Street, and is open all year round with indoor and outdoor stalls. It’s a popular spot with locals and visitors, with coach trips making regular pilgrimages and local people enjoying the range of goods on offer, from fancy goods, clothes and handbags, through to sweets, ironmongery and vegetables.

No visit to Fleetwood would be complete without a trip to Freeport – just off the top end of Lord Street and next to the roundabout at Asda and the Amounderness Way bypass road.

It’s an outlet village with something for everyone, including M&S, Next, Gap and many other big brand names and plenty of bargains. With plenty of free parking it’s also somewhere that you can go if you’ve got a dog – with lots of benches for the dog sitter to wait while other family members go shopping – in fact many of the shops are happy for you to take your canine friend in, particularly if he is small enough to carry.

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