Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival

Do you remember the ex-STRAW-dinary Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival!

It last ran from 1 – 16 July 2017, which were the two weeks before Tram Sunday.

The organisers had a vision that Fleetwood will, in time, become well known for its annual Scarecrow Festival. For several years it took place for the two weeks prior to Tram Sunday.

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Shops, schools and businesses were invited to join in – so that everyone in the whole town was united in the simple act of stuffing!

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival – Year 1

In the first year word quickly got around and the organising team worked hard to kick start the campaign.

Shaun MacNeill was the original driving force behind the project, and members of Fleetwood Rotary volunteered to keep in touch with participants and help them through the first year.

The original coordinating group was made up of James Parr and Sophie from Farmer Parr’s, Robert Brown and Emma Anderton (WBC/lights committee, etc). Gordon Oates, Danny O’Neil, Sandra Foulkes, Carol Pilling (Rotary) and Shaun MacNeill – with others joining in as and when.

This Cod Army man is Steve and Tracey Penwarden’s entry for 2017!

Steve and Tracey Penwardens 2017 Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival entry

It’s really simple to join in. All you had to do is make a scarecrow and display it outside your business or home (or in the window).

Let’s make Fleetwood Ex-STRAW-dinary!

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival at Euston Gardens

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How to Make a Scarecrow

It is very simple to make a scarecrow. It can be made from a wide variety of materials. Let your imagination run riot, ones with humour work really well.

They do not need to be stuffed with straw, newspaper stuffed into plastic bags works well, as they don’t hold water, so rain is less of a problem.

They can be made from various shaped templates – from a simple cross to more intricate designs. Old unwanted clothes can be put to good use. You can keep your scarecrow for future years, but he may need a bit of a spruce up. Buckets filled with concrete (with the pole set in it) – can act as a sturdy base.


Top Scarecrow Making Tips!

A few top tips from the Blackpool Civic Trust. They have learned a fair bit about Scarecrows over the years. They also used to organise a big scarecrow event in Salisbury Woodlands. When it finished they kindly donated their scarecrows to the Fleetwood event.

Betty’s Top Tips are as follows:-
Start off with a wooden cross (+) frame first of all. This will give your creation real backbone!
Find old clothes for free or go to a charity shop.
If you plan to stuff with newspaper – do this by stuffing the paper into plastic bags first – so that your Scarecrow is more weatherproof.
Think of a theme, person or joke to base your scarecrow around.
What props could you use to bring your scarecrow to life.
Think of where you are going to put your scarecrow carefully – as it will need attaching to something solid/supportive.
The Scarecrows of Fleetwood will need to withstand the elements for about 2 weeks – so keep this in mind.
You can save the frame and other bits for following years.
The internet is full of tips and images to inspire you too!

Previous Entries

This is just a small selection of photos from past years to inspire you – see them all on the Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival Facebook page. Which is your favourite?

Fleet Farm on Rossall Lane, Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival
Fleet Farm on Rossall Lane

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival
Green Giant at Freeport Fleetwood

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival
Gypsy caravan and ponies at Fleet Farm

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival
Pipe man at Builders Supplies

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival
Lindsay Burrows decorator

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival
Balfour Beatty Scarecrows building the Rossall Sea Defences

More about Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival started for the first time in the summer of 2014. It was originally intended to be something novel, fun and interesting to support the local business community. The idea was to get people into the town centre shops, as they completed the scarecrow hunt.

However, the people of Fleetwood were really inspired with the idea and it grew like topsy. In the two weeks of the event there literally were scarecrows all over the place, with upwards of 150 scarecrows popping up!

The display was boosted by the donation of a large number of exhibits from the Salisbury Woodlands Scarecrow Festival. Farmer Parr’s assumed it’s rightful place as scarecrow HQ!

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival
WWI Mine Sweeper at Fleetwood Museum

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival
Jain Dough’s entry

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival
Jean Laithwaite’s Johnny Depp and Mermaid

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival – July 2014

They were on roundabouts and buildings, peeping out from shop doorways, and behind displays in windows. Scarecrows of all shapes and sizes appeared, as the Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival began its first year!

Everyone got into the spirit. Scarecrows were displayed all over – in shops, businesses and schools!

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival 2014

The fabulous folk of Fleetwood have gone to town and scores of local businesses, schools and groups had ‘Got Stuffing’. Well over 100 scarecrows were to be found on display around the town centre for the two weeks prior to Tram Sunday on 20th July.

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival 2014

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival 2014

The organisers hoped it would evolve into a big annual event and get bigger year after year. It’s got off to a flying start.

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival 2014
Thanks to Jeff Eker for these photos

The folk of Fleetwood have really been ex-STRAW-dinary!

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival 2014

Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival

Farmer Parr's Scarecrow

Look at the monster made at Farmer Parr’s! You can see Tony stood at its side to get an idea of scale. Where will they find clothes to fit him? They’ll have to get sewing!

Punk scarecrow

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