Euston Gardens

Euston Gardens

The area around the landmark North Euston Hotel is steeped in the history of Fleetwood – the place where growth of the town began

It’s a very attractive spot, and the small park which is the Euston Gardens frames the seafront with sheltered seats, a water fountain and planting that is attractive all year round.

History of the Park

Thanks to local historian Dick Gillingham who added some facts about the history of the Euston Park to this piece.  

It was intended that the park should hold a statue to the town’s founder, Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood. That never materialised at the time of the parks construction, despite some money being raised. However, a campaign is now underway to rectify that by a team made up of Fleetwood Civic Society, Fleetwood Museum and Fleetwood Rotary. You can read about the Statue of Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood here.

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The park is featured in Decimus Burton’s original plan and can be seen on the original lithographic illustrations in the prospectus to potential investors in the new town of Fleetwood from 1837.

In the early years of the North Euston Hotel, a paved walkway went from the hotel porticoed entrance, through the park, to a private jetty in the River Wyre.

The park featured heavily in events like the early Fleetwood Regatta and various Coronation celebrations.

Improvements To Euston Gardens

Works were carried out in 2015 to improve Euston Gardens and make it into an attractive gateway to Fleetwood.

Euston Gardens Fleetwood

Euston Gardens Fleetwood

Euston Gardens Fleetwood

Euston Gardens before works in 2015 (below)

Euston Gardens in Fleetwood before the renovation works.

Overgrown shrubs were removed, new paths laid and new planting was added for year round colour.

Redevelopment of Euston Gardens Fleetwood in 2015

New paths laid in Euston Gardens, Fleetwood during redevelopment works in 2015

Some building work was carried out too, including repairs to the shelters (below) which form part of the boundary to the park, providing a sheltered view over the seafront and Morecambe Bay.

Restoration of the concrete shelters at Euston Park Fleetwood

Drinking Fountain

The Grade II listed drinking fountain was also been taken away for restoration as part of the 2015 improvement works. This photo was taken before it was renovated and you can see that it needed it!

Drinking fountain in Euston Gardens Fleetwood before restoration

The cast iron fountain was listed way back in 1978. It was originally erected in memory of two fishermen who lost their lives in 1890 trying to save others.

Read more about the drinking fountain here, including where it was made and the history of the piece

The Obelisk

The Obelisk bears a plaque saying ‘erected by public subscription to the memory of James Abram and George Greenall who lost their lives in the storm of November 1890 whilst heroically endeavouring to save others’.

Obelisk in Euston Gardens Fleetwood

Memorial Obelisk at Euston Gardens Fleetwood

The stone in front of the Obelisk (below) reads ‘In memory of all those who have lost their lives at sea. Dedicated on 19th May 1985 by Admiral Sir Desmond Cassidi GCB’.

1985 Memorial Stone in Euston Gardens Fleetwood

This stone shows the Land and Sea Operations of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company at Fleetwood circa 1875. (Presented to Fleetwood by Fleetwood Civic Society in 1976). 

First Train to Fleetwood

The boundary stone of the Preston and Wyre Railway company commemorating the first train from Preston to Fleetwood on 15th July 1840.

Marking the first train from Fleetwood to Preston

This was recovered by Fleetwood Civic Society in March 1987.


James Robertson and Son hauled it onto the Jubilee Quay at Fleetwood Dock. It has been dated from about 1870.

Anchor at Euston Gardens Fleetwood

The anchors were resited in Euston Gardens in the 1980s for their preservation.

This photo was taken prior to the renovation of the gardens in 2015.


The North Euston Hotel was used a a School of Musketry from 1861-1867 and afterwards converted into Euston Barracks, before reverting back to being used as a hotel in 1898.

Presumably the Canon which is sited in the Euston Gardens is related to that piece of its history. Do you know more?

Canon at Euston Gardens Fleetwood

This photo was taken prior to the redevelopment of the gardens in 2015.

Views from the Past

This old photograph (below) shows the view across the front of the North Euston Hotel, aith the Euston Park at the left and the obelisk clearly visible. 

Old photo of the North Euston from the Lighthouse Stationery collection

In the aerial photo below dated October 1933, you can see the curve of the North Euston Hotel clearly, with the Park in front and the obelisk. 

The football pitch at the rear of the hotel is where the law courts are today- this pitch was once used by Fleetwood Town Football Club.

Old photo of the North Euston from the Lighthouse Stationery collection

These two photographs are from the Lighthouse Stationery collection. 

They have a vast  range of old images which you can have made into greetings cards, calendars and more. 

Find out More

Read more about the drinking fountain here, including where it was made and the history of the piece

The North Euston Hotel 

Lighthouse Stationery

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If you know anything else about Euston Gardens, or have any photos to share, please get in touch. Full credit will be given.

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Euston Gardens Fleetwood

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