Pocket Park

Pocket Park

In the middle of the busy Fleetwood high street, you’ll find Pocket Park, a quiet little patch of green.

Fleetwood Pocket Park is a lovely spot to sit on a bench for two quiet minutes in a busy day. Next time you’re passing, why don’t you stop a while and read the sign fastened to the fence at the front. It tells you all about this little treasure.

Sign at the front of Pocket Park in Fleetwood
Sign at the front of Pocket Park in Fleetwood

Here is is as a close up, so that you can read it –

Sign Up

Close up of the sign at the front of Pocket Park in Fleetwood

The brick planters are named after the seven Fleetwood primary schools, and pupils plant flowers in them each year.

Nine ceramic panels decorate the wall at the back of Pocket Park. They were designed by the Fleetwood schools, with help from a ceramic artist.

Ceramic panels and more information about the park
Ceramic panels and more information about Pocket Park

History of Pocket Park

This corner, not very far from the Market at North Albert Street, was part of the original Fleetwood which grew up in the 1880’s.

Originally it was a hardware shop, then a TSB bank and then a temporary police station. After demolition of the building, the land stood derelict for some years.

Mr Michael Reaper, of the nearby Home Bakery, gave permission for the land to be used for a public open space in 1998. It soon became known as Pocket Park.

Fleetwood Rotary Club and the local community planted up beds and local school children made painted boards. It’s always been a popular spot with everyone who lives here or visits Fleetwood.

A Gift for Fleetwood

In 2008 Mr Reaper very generously decided to sell the land at a hugely reduced rate. The Fielden Fleetwood Charity Trust purchased it, with support from Wyre Council.

Mrs Doreen Lofthouse of the famous Fisherman’s Friends, made a donation to carry out the refurbishment which you see today.

Pocket Park on North Albert Street, across from Fleetwood Library
Pocket Park on North Albert Street, across from Fleetwood Library

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