Display kites at Marine Beach Fleetwood

Enjoy a visit to Marine Beach & Beach Huts

Marine Beach is the ‘seaside’ bit of Fleetwood seafront near Marine Hall. It’s where sandy beaches meet the seafront pathway, backed by pretty beach huts painted in pastel colours.

We made you this walk-around film on a lovely September day –

YouTube video

Family Fun at Marine Beach

This is what you’d call a traditional seaside beach. It’s a place for families and children on warm days and in summer. It’s also popular throughout the year, with walkers and people who love the coast.

Marine Beach at Fleetwood
Marine Beach at Fleetwood

Pack up your buckets and spades and head here for a day of fun in the sun. Enjoy the fresh air, a safe paddling beach and a traffic free seafront. Bring a deckchair to sit and enjoy uninterrupted views across the sea, with Morecambe Bay in the background.

Playground/Pier end of Marine Beach, looking towards Ferry Beach and the Lower Lighthouse
Playground/Pier end of Marine Beach, looking towards Ferry Beach and the Lower Lighthouse

Clean Beach and Good Facilities

Marine Beach holds a Seaside Award, awarded by Keep Britain Tidy, for cleanliness and good management.

There is also a seasonal dog ban at Marine Beach during the summer.

A clean family beach for everyone to enjoy
A clean family beach for everyone to enjoy

Public facilities at Marine Beach include Danfo public toilets – find them at the side of the Marine Hall in the car park. There are various cafes and refreshment facilities to help you to make the most of your visit.

Fleetwood Marine Beach

Exactly Where is Marine Beach?

Marine Beach is the section between Marine Beach (or Central) car park opposite The Mount Hotel and the old Pier site near the North Euston Hotel.

Use postcode FY7 6HF for Marine Hall. Here’s a Google map of the area. Click on it to explore –

Google map of Marine Beach area
Google map of Marine Beach area. Click to explore.

Beyond the Beach Cafe (left of the map) the managed ‘seaside’ beach gives way to the natural beach and sand dunes. Past the outdoor playground (right of the map) is the North Euston Hotel and Ferry Beach.

There’s a great view looking across this whole seafront area if you go to the top of The Mount, just across the road from Marine Hall.

Looking towards The Mount from Marine Beach
Looking towards The Mount from Marine Beach

On foot – you can pick up the seafront footpath at one of the many access points. It goes right around the edge of the Fleetwood peninsula.

By car – probably best to head to the Marine Hall where there’s plenty of free parking. You can park on The Esplanade or one of the free pay and display car parks at either side of the Marine Hall and gardens. They’re signposted from the highway.

Gorgeous sunsets over The Esplanade

A Popular Community Beach

Marine Beach has a community spirit of its own. Regulars and visitors alike enjoy a break at the Beach Cafe.

Beach cafe at Marine Beach Fleetwood
Beach cafe at Marine Beach Fleetwood

This end of the beach is now also home to Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs – recently opened in September 2020.

There are often kitesurfers to watch here, and other beach sports. Fleetwood attracts enthusiasts from all over the north west and even further afield, along with the resident population of sports people.

As well as kitesurfing acrobatics, you’ll sometimes see huge display kites flying above the beach, like the one in the next clip. (Apologies for the quality of the video, it wasn’t taken on an iPhone!)

YouTube video

Marine Beach car park is also where the funfair comes to visit a couple of times during the year.

Funfair at Marine Beach car park
Funfair at Marine Beach car park

Enjoy Wintery Walks at Marine Beach

It’s an unspoilt landscape with miles of rolling golden sands and a different scene to enjoy every day. 

Marine Beach at Fleetwood seafront
Marine Beach at Fleetwood seafront

Whatever the weather, it’s always better at the beach! Wrap up warm and head out in all weathers, to enjoy wintery walks and big open skies.

Walking at Marine Beach in wintery weather
Walking in wintery weather

The next short clip is one of those bright, cold days in the depth of winter. Now you can see why you need to wrap up warm!

YouTube video

Beach Huts

All of the beach huts in Fleetwood are in the area of seafront around Marine Beach – at both sides of the Marine Hall.

Traditional beach huts (or chalets if you prefer!) are at both sides of the Marine Hall. The original ones are near to the children’s play area and in 2014 Wyre Council added a further ten. They’re the ones on the corner adjacent to the Beach Cafe (below).

Fleetwood beach huts
Fleetwood beach huts

Brightly painted with a simple traditional design in timber with a felt roof, these huts have a door and window in the front. The window’s protected with a shutter when not in use.

Beach huts, or chalets, at Marine Beach Fleetwood
Beach huts, or chalets at Fleetwood

Huts had stood on this corner before. Prior to these new ones being built the original concrete pads could still be seen. They’re visible in the next ‘before’ photo.

Site of the newest batch of traditional beach huts at Marine Beach, before construction in March 2013
Site of the newest batch of traditional beach huts at Marine Beach, before construction in March 2013

Hiring a Beach Hut

Here at Visit Fylde Coast we knew that Fleetwood’s Beach Huts aren’t available for public hire. Ian Duffy explains how they are leased:

They have seven year leaseholds and one of the conditions is that they aren’t rented out or occupied overnight. At the end of the seven years, the Huts are put up for Auction by the Council and the highest bidders then own them for the next seven years. There tend to be Auctions where several Huts become available at the same time. (I think there may be three different blocks for auction, so on average, some huts would become available just over every 2 years).

If anyone knows any different, please leave a comment below!

Marine Hall Colonnade Beach Huts

Back in 2016, work took place to convert the colonnades at Marine Hall into ten modern beach chalets.

Beach chalets at the colonnade seen from Marine Gardens side
Beach chalets at the colonnade seen from Marine Gardens side
Beach chalets at the colonnade seen from the beach side
Beach chalets at the colonnade seen from the beach side

These are let on a six year lease. As a tenant you’re responsible for internal and external maintenance (excluding the roof), services, building insurance and business rates. Plus legal fees for taking over the tenancy.

Would you like your own Beach Hut?

Visit Fleetwood is created for you by The Rabbit Patch Ltd. We’re a design and creatives company right here on the Fylde Coast. The Seaside Emporium is our online shop where we sell our own original art.

Here’s our beach hut watercolour painting. Like all of our designs, it’s available in a range of options. Follow the link and have a look around at both local scenes and traditional seaside views.

Beach Huts watercolour painting from Seaside Emporium, the Visit Fylde Coast online shop

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10 thoughts on “Enjoy a visit to Marine Beach & Beach Huts”

  1. I’m lucky enough to own a beach hut – it’s such bliss. It’s such a lovely place to go and have a cuppa at the beach on a cold autumn day.

    1. Hi Lynn. We were lucky enough to have a day in a Fleetwood beach hut .. it was wonderful. Do you by any chance rent yours out..?

    2. Hi, I have recently moved to the area and am desperate for a beach hut. I have printed off the form to bid for one. It gives a guide of £1,800 per year minimum bid.
      What offer do you think would secure a beach hut?
      Would really appreciate any advice.
      Many thanks Jakii

    3. Hi Lynn

      Is there an owners forum anywhere regarding being able to hire a beach hut for a day or 2 please

  2. That video brought back many memories of when I was a child . Until I was seven ( I’m 74 now) we as a family always came to Fleetwood for our holidays during Middleton wakes and had a chalet for use during the day. Must have been able to hire then for weeks at a time in those days . The one we had had a verandah, door in the middle and window on either side and the concrete fencing in front. If I remember rightly it had quite a high sand dune behind it.
    Some where I have a photo, aged about 3, of me sweeping the promenade with a steam ship in the back ground .
    I also remember the marionettes that were at the end of the open air baths . Very happy times

  3. Hi, are there any beach huts available at the moment? If not, how do I find out more information.

    Many thanks,

    1. I believe they are on a lease of several years in duration. You’d need to contact Wyre Council for more details.

      1. Great video Jane, you cant beat the coast with its ever changing light and shade . Even on a winter’s day all wrapped up ,nice hot drink. You have a nice accent by the way.

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