Fleetwood Army Cadets

Fleetwood Army Cadets

Young people aged 12 or over – and adults too – can get so much from being an army cadet!

You’ll be able to take part in activities, make new friends, go on expeditions and learn a lot – all while having great fun!

You can take part in fieldcraft, adventurous training, first aid, music, sports and shooting activities.

You’ll get the opportunity to go on annual camp with your new friends and meet cadets from other detachments in your county. You might go on expeditions further afield in the UK or even abroad.

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The Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) training syllabus will teach you leadership skills, discipline and give you self-confidence. You’ll learn skills like make decisions under pressure; taking command; planning and organising tasks and working in a team as well as independently. These skills will equip you for life and add an extra string to your bow at times when competition for college places and employment is fierce.

Through your cadet training you can also gain valuable qualifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, BTEC First Diploma in Public Services or Music or the ILM Certificate in Team Leading.

More about Fleetwood Army Cadets

Fleetwood detachment is one of the oldest detachments here on the Fylde coast.

With new staff and a new enthusiasm, the organisers are looking for new recruits to keep this brilliant group going locally. They also want to take part in local community activities – which they can only do with more cadets.

Fleetwood detachment meets at the ACF Hut, Preston Street, Fleetwood, FY7 4HX

They meet on Monday and Thursday from 6.45 to 9pm

You can also phone 01772 717078 for details.

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Fleetwood Army Cadets

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    I am Mick Gray. I am a retired Chief Superintendent from Greater Manchester Police and I am the Vice Chair of the Windmill Players, Thornton. I am in urgent search of three short magazine Lee Enfields for a production of “The Accrington Pals” which is our October play and our commemoration for the 1918 Centenary Commemorations.

    Do you have or do you know where we can acquire these weapons for the purposes of the play. Many years ago the Sea, Air or Army Cadets would be my first port of call so I am hoping you might be able to aim me in the right direction!

    Kind regards,

    Mick Gray

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      Hi Mick, I like your thinking! However, you’ll need to contact the Cadets directly. Good luck!

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    im a petty officer 1st class in navy league right now. i know that some corps have the fast promotions for cadets that were Petty officer and above in the younger group and are transitioning to the older groups. does army cadets give the fast promo option?

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