RNLI Wreck Trek

RNLI Wreck Trek

For many years, Fleetwood RNLI organised the ‘Wreck Trek’ – a guided walk to the remains of the old Wyre Light – the wooden lighthouse that once guided ships through the River Wyre to dock at Fleetwood.

Unfortunately, as was the case in 2013 and 2014, the walk won’t be able to go ahead this year.

The sand has become more unstable over the years, and that means patches of soft sand which people are likely to get stuck in.

It’s becoming more of a problem along the coast of Cleveleys and Fleetwood tidal beach areas, with patches of soft sand from The Venue in Cleveleys, along Rossall beach and at Fleetwood.

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As the tide goes out some distance at Fleetwood, these areas of ‘soft sand’ can be quite big and have started to give cause for concern, especially along the banks of the Wyre.

Following a risk assessment and discussions between the lifeboat crew and the Coastguard, the path that would have been used has been deemed to be too dangerous.

The RNLI and Coastguard would advise everyone not to attempt to walk to Wyre Light, due to the dangerous conditions including the soft sands, deep water gullies, and the risk of being cut off by the extremely fast incoming tide.

‘See some in trouble at sea or along the coast, ring 999 and ask for the coastguard… To search… To rescue … To save …’

On other years:

The walk is on fairly flat sand but there is a little wading through gullies – so old trainers are ideal. Bare feet are not recommended.

The walk is organised and escorted by the Fleetwood Lifeboat crew with the help of Her Majesty’s Coastguard and Fleetwood Nautical College.

The group assemble at the Kite Club – on the beach at Central Car Park (opposite Mount Pub) with check-in and a short safety briefing.

The walk is free but any donations / purchases from the Lifeboat Shop stall will be gratefully received.

Children supervised by adults and dogs on leads are welcome.

Why not really help the RNLI and get a few sponsors for your efforts – you can get a sponsorship form and details about Fleetwood RNLI from their website at this link

Check-in can be speeded up by filling in and printing the registration form which you can also find on their website and handing it in to the marshals on the day. It is very important that all walkers CHECK IN beforehand and then SIGN OUT afterwards with the marshals.

Any Walk questions – please contact Fleetwood RNLI

The 2011 Wreck Trek – What an event!

The Walk attracted over 1600 walkers despite the weather. Walkers were entertained at Wyre Lighthouse and at the North Euston later, by big lifeboat supporters – the “Captains Crew”.

Morecambe RNLI Crew were kind enough to be on standby with their hovercraft and as usual, were needed – this time to help a child suffering from the cold ( English Summers !)

Thanks too, to our friends Fleetwood Coastgurad Team and Fleetwood Nautical College, whose assistance made it all possible.

The generous trekkers donated a massive £2000 to the RNLI – thank you all.

Wreck Trek
Wreck Trek walk 2011

Wyre Light
Wyre Light seen from land 

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