Fleetwood Pier Site

Fleetwood Pier Site

The site of the former Fleetwood Pier is close to the North Euston Hotel. The pier was built in 1910 and was the last new-build one to be built in the UK. A pavilion was added the year after.

It was originally 492 feet long (or 150m if you prefer) which also made it one of the shortest piers in the country.

Aerial view of the Fleetwood Pier site while the pier was standing
Aerial view of Fleetwood Pier

More than one fire at the Fleetwood Pier Site

Like many other UK piers, it had been damaged by more than one fire throughout its history.

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In 1952 a fire started in the cinema and created significant damage, so much so that it didn’t reopen until 1958.

It was the fire in 2008 which gutted the pier so much so that it was burnt down and had to finally be demolished. At that point it had already been closed for two years because of safety concerns.

Today, the site stands unused, and native seaside plants are regaining the land which was once theirs before the Pier was even thought of.

A number of plans have been submitted for various versions of a building on the site.

Fleetwood Pier site, May 2013 after the site had been cleaned up. 
Fleetwood Pier site, May 2013 after the site had been cleaned up.
The Beach including Fleetwood Pier site
Fleetwood Beach including the former pier which you can just see in the distance

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