Dog Friendly Places in Fleetwood

Dog Friendly Places in Fleetwood

Many people like to take their dog with them when they go off day tripping and sightseeing – after all they’re part of your family and you love them.

Dog friendly places in Fleetwood

– Ferry Cafe

– Fleetwood Market

– Frankie and Bronnies, rear of Fleetwood market

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– Freeport Fleetwood – you can take dogs into the centre and many of the individual shops

– Quay Cuts – barbers

– Rossall Tavern – Larkholme Parade

– RSPCA shop

– Skye’s Deli and Coffee Shop – Fleetwood Market

– Tasty Bite Cafe – Adelaide Street

– The Dog Shop and Cats 2, Poulton Street

– Unique, Lord Street 

Dog Friendly Fylde Coast

Around the Fylde Coast there are a number of businesses who will allow you to come onto their premises with your dog.

Find out about other dog friendly places on the Fylde Coast.

We know where a few of them are and they’re listed on this page but there must be many more.

So if you know of somewhere else that isn’t on this list please get in touch and tell us. We want to know of shops, public buildings, hotels and more. 

Responsible Owners

The majority of dog owners are responsible and the average dog does much less damage in a shop than a wilful child with an ice cream! 

After all, carried or walking, most people would only take their dog onto commercial premises if they knew that they could be trusted – you just wouldn’t show yourself up if your dog did something it shouldn’t do in the middle of a shop.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a bad dog – only bad owners!

* these shops are believed to allow dogs at the time of publication. If in doubt please check first.

Benefits of being a Dog Friendly business

There are over 8 million dogs in the UK – that’s a considerable amount of pets with many more mums and dads who could all be spending money in your business.

Find out about becoming a Dog Friendly business

Places in Fleetwood to take your dog

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