Fleetwood in Bloom

Fleetwood in Bloom

Fleetwood in Bloom is the local entry into the national Britain in Bloom competition, run throughout the UK by The Royal Horticultural Society. Fleetwood is one of the many towns on the Fylde Coast which enjoy taking part each year.

10,000 Poppies for Remembrance

In 2018 Fleetwood will bloom well into the autumn months, with a sea of plastic poppies in remembrance. Made from recycled pop bottles, the bright flowers will appear all over the town to remember the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.

10,000 recycled plastic poppies for Fleetwood in Bloom
10,000 recycled plastic poppies for Fleetwood in Bloom. Our photo shows Viviene Worth and Julie Dalton (front) with all the team behind them – just a few of the many who showed up on the day.

The Willow Garden Project, Fleetwood Town Council and Fleetwood Museum are just three of the organisations which are taking part. They’re each holding events and workshops where you can come along and have a go. Plus, you can drop off empty bottles at each place too, and at Memorial Park.

Sign Up

Fleetwood Museum are asking residents to paint a poppy in memory of a loved one lost at sea, at war or a family member who was seagoing.

  • Come along to Fleetwood Museum on Saturday 19 May between 11am-1pm

Have a go yourself and make some poppies! Your poppy will be part of a display in the Harriet boat shed – Fleetwood’s national registered vessel – from the end of May. If you’ve never seen it it’s well worth a look.

The Museums first 100 poppies

On Saturday 21st April, Fleetwood came together in memory of those lost in WW1, at sea and in wars to join together and make some of the 10,000 upcycled poppies for Fleetwood in Bloom.
Tasked by Dawn Spooner of Fleetwood Town Council, an amazing group of locals gave their time to come together and craft in remembrance.  Over 100 poppies were made and embellished with a tag of remembrance dedicated to  their loved ones.
Angie Hesketh, craft co-ordinator volunteer at Fleetwood Museum said, ‘I was overwhelmed at the response of Fleetwood folk. The day was amazing with families, fishermen and volunteers coming together to support our aim to decorate the Harriet Trawler in a sea of poppies to remember our loved ones. I was touched to read the comments on the poppies and would like to say a huge thank you to all those who attended’.

Flowers all over Fleetwood!

The Fleetwood Britain in Bloom team are putting their green fingers to good use – there’s planting going on all over to bring Fleetwood into flower!

New planting for Fleetwood in Bloom
New planting for Fleetwood in Bloom

The Fleetwood in Bloom team were delighted to have secured a Silver Award in 2014 – their first year back in the scheme after a break of a good few years. Margaret Danielstold us “We were all pleased to have done so well, especially for our first year, and this year of course we’ll be hoping to improve on that.”

Planting takes place across the Port in early June – giving the flowers enough time to bed in before the arrival of the judges, but not so much time that they go past their best.

Three boats were secured from the geneous donation of old wooden rowing boats at Stanley Park, so keep an eye out for them!

Plans are that one of them will aptly go near the boating lake, another one at Fisherman’s Walk, and one near the Court House.

Flower tubs, sponsored by traders, will brighten up the Esplanade once again, along with tubs at the tram stops at Fisherman’s Walk and the North Euston.

Planting for a Blooming Spring!

Published Nov 2014

Following on from the success of winning a Silver and Heritage trophy, members of the Fleetwood in Bloom group planted hundreds of daffodils in the grass at the Marine Hall Gardens and at Fisherman’s Walk, Lord Street.

Chair of the Fleetwood in Bloom team Fleetwood Councillor John Warnock said, “We are committed to next year’s Fleetwood in Bloom entry. This planting will help as the judges take into consideration the efforts made all year round by the community.”

Margaret Daniels Chair of Fleetwood Civic Society and member of the Fleetwood in Bloom team said, “The Civic Society very much supports Fleetwood in Bloom because it helps to raise the positive profile of the town.”

Rotarian Margaret Lund, said “As well as providing splashes of spring colour in the town, the planting is part of the strategy to turn this year’s Silver award into a Gold next year. Local businesses, groups and residents can help us achieve this.”

Fleetwood Rotarian Gordon Oates said, “We were greatly encouraged by the positive comments of the judges in this year’s North West In Bloom campaign, so are particularly keen to have steady progress in preparing some focal points of the town for our 2015 programme.”

Keep your eyes out for more details of Fleetwood in Bloom 2015 and how you can get involved – whether that’s individually or with an organisation, business or group.

Fleetwood In Bloom in Previous Years

Poulton has done exceptionally well in the past, (as has Garstang in the rural area) and Cleveleys is going from strength to strength.

In previous years, Fleetwood has also entered the competition, and even won Best Large Town. This year they’re picking the baton back up again with a come-back into this prestigious competition after an eleven year lapse.

A small team of people are now working together to pull a plan together and decide what can realistically be achieved in a first year entry, on the basis that by entering you learn what you need to do, and can improve your area year on year.

More volunteers are very much needed, particularly people with gardening knowledge and expertise, and those who have an eye for neat and tidy housekeeping and who would be able to go out and about, tending to plants, tidying up and physically looking after Fleetwood’s streets and flowerbeds.

Can you help?

Practical helpers: Fleetwood is quite a large area to cover, so the more people who can help, the better an entry the judges will see on the day. People will be needed to litter pick, remove stray weeds, and generally make sure it’s clean and tidy.

Organisers: Although a small team are now working together, if you would like to join the organising committee you would be very welcome.

Fundraisers: Anyone who can help to raise some funds would be welcomed. In the early stages of the competition, a more modest amount of money will be needed, but this will increase as the project grows.

Sponsors: Businesses who would like to be associated with Fleetwood In Bloom are encouraged to come forward and contribute in exchange for sponsorship and promotional opportunities.

If you would like to contribute in any way, please get in touch with Cllr John Warnock on 07519 026122

About in Bloom 2014

If you don’t know anything about it, the In Bloom competition is quite rigorous and goes into all kinds of areas which are part of getting a community working together to make the place look nicer – it’s not just about the quality of the begonias!

They look at housekeeping and whether your area is clean and tidy, the suitability of the plants you have selected for their location, whether you’ve done any recycling, how well you have worked with businesses and the local community, how much the local schools have been involved. It also takes into account how you have raised funds, promoted your campaign, recruited volunteers – so there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

All entrants produce a booklet with their chosen route and all the details of what you have done throughout the year of your project, and then the judges come to visit and look at what you’ve done and talk to people you have worked with.

Planting bulbs
l-r: Rotarian Margaret Lund, Civic Society Margaret Daniels, Cllr. John Warnock. Rotarian Gordon Oates

Flower baskets near Fleetwood Market on Lord Street
Lord Street, St Peter’s Church on the right

Flowers in Fleetwood
Flowers at the clock tower in Fleetwood

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