Parking for Tram Sunday

Parking for Tram Sunday

Parking at any big event can always be awkward. So the organisers are delighted to hear that ABP have agreed to make the Ferry Terminal available for use for parking at Fleetwood Tram Sunday this year. There’s plenty of space, getting in and out is easy AND you’ll be supporting Homeless Hounds.

Please Make a £2 Donation when Parking at ABP

If you could spare £2 to cover the cost of your unlimited parking at Fleetwood Tram Sunday, the organisers would be delighted. All money received from car parking will go directly to charity and towards the cost of the event this year and next year. There’s a 50/50 split between Tram Sunday and Homeless Hounds.

You can also pick up a FREE event programme too at the car park – you’ll be handed one when you make a parking donation.

Location of the ABP Ferry Terminal

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The ABP Ferry Terminal can be found on the seafront at Dock Street, Fleetwood. Sat Nav – FY7 6HP

It’s the disused land on the left behind the paling fence, seen in this photo from Google Street View.

Parking at Fleetwood Tram Sunday at the ABP Terminal on Dock Street, Fleetwood
Parking for Tram Sunday at the ABP Terminal on Dock Street, Fleetwood

Lord Street and the side streets off it will be closed to traffic for the event, so you’re advised to use the ABP Terminal for ease of parking.

You can also catch a tram to the event and travel in style – both the new, modern trams will be running as far as Fisherman’s Walk, and the Heritage Trams will be in operation too. (Note that the tram service terminates at Fisherman’s Walk where the event begins because Lord Street is closed to all traffic for the day).

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On Sunday 10 June, Visit Fylde Coast put a call out for a charity team to man the car park at the Dock on the day of Tram Sunday. We’re pleased to say that everyone shared, commented and asked their charity friends, and before the day was out a partner had been found!

Fleetwood Festival of Transport is proud to be working with Homeless Hounds dog rescue charity this year. So PLEASE park at the ABP Dock site when you go to Tram Sunday and PLEASE put a generous contribution into the bucket when you leave your car to enjoy a great day out!

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    Really looking forward to being with you all for this great event. A weekend of fun for all. We love Fleetwood and the events.

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      It’s always a great day – let’s hope that the weather holds!

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