Community Computer Clinic

Community Computer Clinic

Does your computer, laptop or phone fight back? Bring it to the West Fleetwood Community Computer Clinic at Rossall Tavern and get some FREE help!

West Fleetwood Community Computer Clinic

All dates are Monday nights, from 7.30 to 9pm at The Rossall Tavern, Larkholme, Fleetwood

21 January 2019
4 & 18 February
4 & 18 March
1, 15 & 29 April
13 May
3 & 17 June
1, 15 & 29 July
12 August
2, 16 & 30 September
14 & 28 October
11 & 25 November
9 December
6 January 2020

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Anyone can come to these ‘drop-in’ sessions where FREE advice, help and even minor repairs are catered for. Get FREE help with your technology. From friendly experts speaking normal English, on hand at every session.

Whatever you’re struggling with, bring along your phones, laptops, tablets – anything that you need help with. If you do go, please mention you saw it on Visit Fylde Coast!

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If it works for Cats and Dogs, why not for computers too?

In the years since the West Fleetwood Computer Clinic started, they have refurbished and ‘rehoused’ well over 100 computers. The new owners are Community Groups and Job Seekers who need them to maintain their searches and benefits.

“What we do is very like the work of Animal Rescue charities”, said Dave Carlos, the Clinic organiser.

“We take unwanted and unloved hardware, bring it back to life and health and then ‘rehouse’ it with those who need and will use it. All for FREE!”

The current problem is that the Clinic has more potential new owners that it has kit to rehouse!

“At this time of year many folk will be getting new, faster and better equipment and are wondering what to do with the old stuff. “Don’t dump it”, says Dave, “We will keep it out of the knacker’s yard and the landfill site”.

The Clinic, an initiative of Emmanuel Church West, holds regular Monday sessions, at the Rossall Tavern, Larkholme Parade, Fleetwood.

More about the Computer Clinic

The West Fleetwood Community Computer Clinic is an initiative of Emmanuel Church West. It can help out with most of your IT related problems, whether that’s a smart-phone, iPad/tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Your Laptop might be riddled with virus, you could have a Tablet which has lost its programs and a phone which won’t connect to the internet. They’ll do their best to sort it out and it’s all FREE!

“Not only can we sort out many technical issues, we also re-cycle older, donated, equipment for community use,” said Dave Carlos who leads the team. “We never know what kind of issues will walk through the door but we try to help everyone. Sometimes it takes several days to find an answer, but we haven’t had a failure yet!

“We also offer training for those who need a little help. One client wanted to save videos from YouTube for talks he was giving to community groups. Others wanted to know how to get their music onto their tablets. We don’t know everything but we usually know where to look to find an answer.”

Hosted at the Rossall Tavern by kind permission of the landlords, the Clinic is completely free to everyone. “We have been offered payment but we have asked folk to make a donation to a charity instead” said Dave. “We do this to support the local community and as ‘The church which meets in the Pub’, the Tavern is the ideal location”.

Find the dates in the Visit Fylde Coast Events Calendar, or from the Clinic Facebook page

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More details from Dave on 01253 424675. Don’t forget to Like the West Fleetwood Community Computer Clinic Facebook page too.


Dave Carlos

Dave Carlos is a local resident who has been involved with home computers and gadgets for over 30 years. He was the Editor of Home Computing Weekly in the 1980’s. “I love seeing people get the best out of these complex and frankly, not very friendly machines. I have founded Computer Clubs in other parts of the country but since moving to Fleetwood, I’d realised the need for a local ‘clinic’ or advice session.”

“I’m thrilled that the landlord of Rossall Tavern, also has the vision for such a local drop-in facility and offered to host our sessions. What better atmosphere can there be than a friendly local where we can be relaxed and enjoy good company,” said Dave.

Donate Old Business Equipment

West Fleetwood Computer Clinic, on behalf of Emmanuel Church West, re-purpose and find new homes for old computers, many of which have gone to local charitable organisations. These have been donated by individuals, and also by local business.

If you know of anyone or any business which might have equipment that is surplus to requirement, please get in touch with them and they will arrange to collect.

The benefit to businesses of donating IT equipment is that you don’t have to pay fees for waste disposal = good news all round!

West Fleetwood Computer Clinic goes to the Dogs (and cats, budgies and hamsters…)

On Friday 17 April 2015, the West Fleetwood Computer Clinic team supplied and installed three computers for the local RSPCA branch at their Fleetwood HQ.

“It all started with a phone call for help from Liz, the local manager”, said Steve Berger from the Clinic. “She needed computers for administration and volunteer training at their Fleetwood offices, which are currently undergoing refurbishment.”

Liz, RSPCA Manager, with one of the computers donated by West Fleetwood Computer Clinic
Liz, RSPCA local branch manager, with one of the newly installed computers donated by West Fleetwood Computer Clinic

The Clinic team were able to help and just four days later were installing three complete machines, donated by an anonymous Blackpool company. All the machines were thoroughly cleaned, digitally and physically, and were supplied with all the software and cabling that that Charity required.

The machines were refurbished and supplied completely free of charge, all parts and time donated by Clinic members.

This donation brings the total number of computers supplied by the Clinic this year to 37. “We can only donate as many machines as we are given by local companies and individuals,”, said Steve.

Both the Clinic and the RSPCA are keen to see local animal welfare benefit from this move into the digital age for their local branch.

Community Computer Donation (Feb 15)

The West Fleetwood Community Computer Clinic are delighted to be able to provide four good specification machines to Fleetwood’s Air Cadet Squadron, following our help with their recent appeal for redundant equipment.

Community donation to the Air Cadets from the Computer Clinic
Fleetwood Squadron Air Cadets with Steve Berger and Dave Carlos from the West Fleetwood Community Computer Clinic, Sqdn Ldr Kath Lane and Ian McCann (Civilian Instructor).

Here at Visit Fleetwood we’ve been helping the Clinic to spread the word and a number of individuals have already donated their unused laptops and desktops which have been repurposed to those in need.

Realising that companies can not only be community minded but they can also avoid paying disposal fees for scrapping their unwanted kit, the request was shared by Jones Harris Chartered Accountants in Fleetwood through their website and monthly newsletter.

They act for well over 1000 clients of all sizes across the Fylde Coast, so some of them were sure to find this a useful service (along with all the other useful hints and tips which they provide).

Sure enough, a number of companies came forward, including the anonymous corporate donor of these four machines.

Cleaned and refurbished

They have been data shredded so that nothing can be recovered by a new owner and then had clean operating systems, utilities and programs installed.

Community donation to the Air Cadets from the Computer Clinic
Three cadets using the new machines for the first time. One of the cadets said “This beats waiting five minutes for a web page to load!”

Dave Carlos, Clinic organisers says “These computers are ideal for the Air Cadets whose current equipment came out of the digital ark! They are essential for the Air Cadets as they take all their exams online, and their old equipment was wholly insufficient, but of course new replacements are expensive to buy so this is ideal for them.”

It’s the first time the clinic has had a corporate donation of several identical machines and has been able to give them to a local group in this way.

Whether you have one computer or several which you no longer need please also get in touch. All donations gratefully accepted!

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