Fleetwood Civic Society

Fleetwood Civic Society

Fleetwood Civic Society is the group for you if you’re interested in Fleetwood. It’s for anyone with an interest in the past but who wants to play a part in shaping the town today. (Pictured above: Opening Fleetwood Civic Society exhibition in 2015)

There are monthly meetings (all listed in the Events Calendar) where you can find out more and get involved. Plus special projects, Heritage Open Days to plan, and much, much more.

About Fleetwood Civic Society

Do you love Fleetwood and want to help to secure it’s heritage but also give it a strong future? Why don’t you give the Civic Society a look?

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Fleetwood Civic Society try to promote and encourage anything which might be of benefit to the town. They aim to stimulate interest in and ensure that consideration is given to, the preservation of features of historical and architectural interest and natural beauty of the town.

In order to do this, they:

* Organise Heritage Open Days every year. The group open the Lower Lighthouse and the Mount Pavilion. Thousands of people have visited each of these venues over the years

* Promote interest in the work of Decimus Burton

* Helped the planning of the Jubilee Celebrations and the 175 Celebrations

* Planted 20kg of daffodil bulbs on the bank near the beach park

* Study planning applications registered with Wyre Council and where appropriate contest them and often succeed. An example being a better looking substation than was originally planned in Euston Gardens

* Successfully applied for listed status for buildings and gardens

Fleetwood Civic Society Meetings

Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month at the North Euston Hotel starting at 7.30 pm. You can also find the years meeting dates on the Events Calendar.

30th Jan 2019 – Sandra Byrne, Cleaner Greener Project Officer at Wyre Council
27th Feb 2019 – Mayor of Wyre, Cllr. Marge Anderton
27th March 2019
24th April 2019
29th May 2019
26th June 2019 – Angela Norris – Author, Re: Fleetwood Ferry to Knott End
31st July 2019
28th Aug 2019
25th Sept 2019 – Mark Fenton of Wyre Council, update with regard to Mount Pavilion and grounds
30th Oct 2019
27th Nov 2019 (AGM) – Brian Crawford update with regard to Poulton & Wyre Railway Society

Everyone is welcome to come along to the meetings – just turn up.

Fleetwood Civic Society exhibition 2015
Part of the Fleetwood Civic Society exhibition 2015

Two Passionate Women…

We met Margaret Daniels and Yvonne Johnstone from the Civic Society just before Heritage Open Days 2013. Visit Fleetwood went to find about this annual event and why the Civic Society organise it each year.

Margaret Daniels and Yvonne Johnstone from Fleetwood Civic Society
Margaret Daniels and Yvonne Johnstone from Fleetwood Civic Society

Margaret told us “The Civic Society exists to promote this great town and everything it has to offer. We like to show everyone our great heritage and all these fabulous historic buildings. We’re also passionate about what happens to Fleetwood in the future too.”

They’ve both been involved with the Civic Society for many years. Margaret almost since the beginning. She got involved 38 years ago when there were plans afoot to close the paddling pool – how history repeats itself! At that time, someone wanted to make it into a karting track.

The Mount is once again closed. In the last twenty years it’s been home to a craft shop and the office for a flag making company. There are now proper toilets and sanitation in the building so it can be used again. “The Civic Society would like to see it being used by some kind of businesses that’s open to the public” explained Yvonne. “Another craft shop, cafe, or similar that the public can come to. So the building will be once again open and used, rather than private offices. After all, it’s over 100 years old and such a feature in this town.”

Heritage Open Days

The Mount and the Lower Lighthouse are the two flagship buildings that the Civic Society looks after on Heritage Open Days each year. Both are normally closed to the public, so it’s a rare opportunity to see what’s actually inside these two gems. Why don’t you take a look around your favourite Fleetwood buildings this September?

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    Hi, i am trying to find where my great grandfather was birn, on the 1891 census says
    Born c 1862 name john webster,
    Its his place of birth i cant get, i know hand written census can get mistaken but it says,
    Latene Hase
    Could house be mistaken for hase,
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      That’s an interesting question Pat, I’ve asked the question on the Visit Fleetwood Facebook page so lets see if we can find the answer.

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